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Consumer feedback about Jfk Medical Center

Rating: 4 /5

Katina Bingaman

Don't go here, because it probably means you're sick. But if you are sick then definitely go. Lol. Of the area hospitals it's a good hospital for adults. Not the best for pediatrics. ER room chairs for visitors aren't meant to be comfortable but when you have to sit for hours waiting for news of test results they are really, really uncomfortable. And it's freezing in the hospital. Don't forget to dress warm. I'm glad to see they are making improvements in the parking lot, but are they making more visitor parking spots? There's never enough parking spots for visitors. And rows and rows of unused doctor parking spots.

Rating: 1 /5

W l

One of the worst hospitals I’ve ever been too. I absolutely love my doctor, but I would never ever in a million years go to that hospital again. Like I said my doctor was amazing and I couldn’t be happier with the procedure. The hospital on the other hand. Example, In the recovery room the staff treated me not great, but I thank god I wasn’t the poor woman that was in horrible pain. the nursing staff continue to scream at her to shut up and they would get to her when they get to her. Never again.

Rating: 2 /5

chantaye Bush

I rate a 2 because there is not enough parking for visitors. If you’re from out of town the hospital doesn’t make an exception for that either. My father is in NSICU as I make this review and visiting hours are over at a certain time which sucks. I get the reason being for the visitation but I think an exception to those who do not reside in the state of Florida or have no place to go should have some place to sleep instead of a noisy waiting room full of family members who have no respect for you. When you’re miles away from your comfort zone you should be able to feel comfortable somewhere else. Now the whole Medical team who’s caring for him are all amazing no complaints on that end at all I would give that a rating of 10 stars if I could. Not to mention there’s no hot water in the rooms or bathroom.

Rating: 1 /5

danielle salois

This medical center is an absolute joke! If you have a loved one, do NOT send them here. My dad has been transferred for 2 months now here and another hospital because they can't figure out what is wrong with his heart and why he has so much water weight gain. He has now come back after a heart catherization (when he was released 5 days again stating everything was fine) and is now bleeding internally. When he got there for the 3rd time, the forgot to do a second blood transfusion and didn't even test him to see if he was bleeding internally until the next morning. (When they had orders to check right away.) I just pray we are able to help my dad In time considering all of the damage this hospital has done and all of the wasting time.. I don't know speals. How can staff like this go home and sleep at night? Also, the last time he was there about a month ago he had his phone stolen by the staff when they were changing his bed. This time the staff came in this morning to change his bed and told him to give them his phone, my father said "no, nobody is touching my phone!" This place is absolutely disgusting and something NEEDS to be done about them! They're doing more damage to my father then helping him.

Rating: 1 /5

Nicollette Burns

Well first of all i just Want to say I’ve never been treated so poorly at a hospital. I feel Like i was Discriminated because of the reason i was Here, they didn’t give me a nicotine patch for the first 24 hours and then when i want To go to the vending machine they said no, so i went anyways. Then i get Moved to the back of the wing where you have to have a badge to leave the area like I’m in jail. I definitely won’t be coming back here ..