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5189 Hospital Rd, Mariposa, CA 95338, USA
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Consumer feedback about John C Fremont Healthcare District

Rating: 4 /5

Teressa Garrett-Gutierrez

My Husband has been seen at ER several times. It is a very small facility. But the staff does their best to accommodate our needs. He last visit was this past June and was addmitted to the hospital as well. Our nurse in the ER was nurse Albert. He was so good. So genuine! Thank you Nurse Albert!!! The nurse he had for 5 days in the hospital was nurse Ann. She was amazing! The Dr was also very good, he kept me informed of my husband's issues and needs. The level of care he recieved from all staff was very good. Thank you all for caring. It's not always easy but you all made an uncomfortable situation as comfortable as possible. Sincerely Teressa

Rating: 3 /5

Ashley Kerber

Small, staff is nice, doesn't always find the problem but tries.

Rating: 4 /5

Jenifer Levy-Wendt

This review is primarily about the staff who provided excellent and thorough care for me when I arrived via ambulance a few weeks ago. The nurses, doctors, technicians were all very attentive and helped ease both my pain and fear from a serious hiking accident earlier in the day. The CT scanner wasn't operating properly and they promptly decided to send me to the nearest trauma center for closer evaluation. The facility is rather small and I'm not sure they have adequate space to operate at full capacity. Thank you to the entire staff!

Rating: 1 /5


this has to be by far the worst ER place ever! my mom and i drove to their ER, it took about 2-3 hours to get there in a crappy car, and when we got there, 1.) there was only like 2-5 parking places, and how ironic there was only like 10 people working there and like 5 patients. 2.) when we got there, it was so frustrating because they took forever! and there was only 3 people in the room and three people in the waiting room. now we where there because my mom fell and cut her arm, when we got there, and my mom told the story, they were making jokes, and they were being really rude, and they LIED TO US! they were to lazy to do their job! the main doctor said, " oh... oh man we can not stitch that up because its been 7 hours, which is incorrect because later that day, we went to the hosiptal in Modesto, and they said, " that is false, they lied to you, its only up to 12 hours, good thing you came because if you didn't, you would have a huge gash." *thankful they DID THEIR JOB!* anyways, they were being so rude to my mother, making fun of her, and she was crying because it was hurting, and so they gave her gauze, instead of a tissue... and their was tissues right behind them, they wouldn't give her anything, and yeah. and they kept on asking inappropriate questions, that didn't need to asked or answered, like they were asking questions that have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CUT. anyways, worst one yet. please dont go. ever since then, we dislike them so much.

Rating: 1 /5

Isa Deux

Terrible doctor! The man seemed more interested in appearing godly versus actually helping patients. What most don't realize is ER doctors are not top of the line medical practitioners, so it was amusing to listen to this "professional" tell me how I was feeling--when he had no clue. There's no reason anyone should stand in an ER setting, angry to tears, simply because some doctors play the game of knowing everything; when in fact, they don't. Rural arena or not, shameful treatment of patients by this doctor (Fong).