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Consumer feedback about John F Kennedy Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Sarah Bodeen

The real acronym for this hospital is Just Freakin’ Kidding, because the medical care is a joke. I brought my elderly grandmother here just after thanksgiving. She had witnessed a tragic event of her prized pet being brutally attacked and killed before her eyes by a neighbor’s dog. The neighbor took off and left my grandmother there upset and crying. The dog died in her arms, it was tough for her. We encouraged her to get medical assistance after that event, but she declined. After the dog attack her dementia set in rapidly. She had no issues prior. On Thanksgiving it was the worst, she was forgetting everyone at home. We were scared and concerned as only a month had passed since the attach so we took her to JFK emergency room to monitored at about 9 pm. We waited an hour before finally being called back. She was hooked up to the machines and then I sat by her side for about 5 hours before they took her to get a CT scan. After that we sat for another 5 hours. All the patients around us were being treated BUT us. Why they didn’t admit us or ask us to take her elsewhere was beyond me. I kept asking for answers and nobody could help. I finally left her there for a couple hours so I could go get some food, shower and change. I came back to JFK and SHE WAS GONE. They had no idea where she was. They told me they transferred her to another hospital but nobody knew which one or where. I understood why they moved her. I do not understand how they lost her. What a joke. Waste of time and money. Do yourself a favor and don’t take your loved ones here. Take them to the higher rated hospitals in the area and save yourself the headache of having to call every hospital in the area to find your family. I wouldn’t send my enemies here, again, joke of a hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

Brian Smith

I watched older nurse helen not use gloves when gloves should have been on her hands. The 5 days my friend was here not once did they clean any bed side table tops. The floors in her room were not consistantly cleaned. Her iv monitor was going off every five minutes and they blew out 6 of her veins. I am not sure why exta steps would not be taken to prevent cross contamination and more care for the patients. Also for the last 2 days the doctor was supposed to show up and they did not. Not peofessional at all

Rating: 2 /5

Martha Nunez Nunez

When i had my baby the docters or nurses were unaware that i had already dialated there was not a single nurse in the room and some lady next door had her baby on her own above that they skipped my meal after giving birth and in the morning.

Rating: 1 /5

megan taylor

This place is a joke!!!!!! Had to rush my mother by ambulance( which that will be another review I will be writing about!) to the hospital yesterday (8/4/17) she is complaining about throwing up all day and went into the living room and she told me she wasn't feeling that something was right my mom has got this weird feeling before so she said she is feeling like she was before and I screamed for my father who was outside at the time because our AC broke. So as I ran outside to get her she leans into the couch face first and as I'm coming back inside she falls from the couch to the floor and start to shake like seizure movement type. I call 911 immediately she starts to tell my dad she is having trouble breathing, her throat, whole entire face, and tongue was swollen. They took just about 20 mins to get my mom! So after that crapy services we are at jfk and they run one test which was a CT scan of her head ONLY! too see what it was that caused her to be shaky and they couldn't find anything and told her she need to check in with her primary doctor that they can't find anything. So talk me why we had to take my mom back to the hospital this morning at 4:30am (8-5-17) because she was basically soaked in blood! And her bowel movements were completely covered in blood!!! But they didn't want to help my mom I will be calling the head board or chief of hospital on money morning and complaining!!!! Never again I how you all rot in hell.

Rating: 5 /5

India Zarate

I Loved Their Attention They Gave, Glad They Caught in time, Now A New Life For Me a Pace maker on 7/21/17 , I Pray All Goes Well.