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Consumer feedback about John Muir Medical Center - Concord Campus

MiMi M.
MiMi M.

5 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

Went to ER with severe abdominal pain. I was seen right away had testing done was seen by Dr. Kroll who was very thorough she 🌟listened🌟to me and answered all my questions. My husband was impressed that we were in and out fast, only there for a couple of ours. Great job to all from receptionist, EKG tech, to nurses to the MD. Thank you all for the great services.

Israel Ruiz
Israel Ruiz

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

All doctor's and nurses treated me perfect thanks to them iam alive i can't thank them enough

Jenny S
Jenny S

1 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

On 3/23/2018 around midnight I had severe chest pains that led me to John Muir ER in Concord. There was no one there and I was admitted right away! I got into the ER room where they hooked me up and took blood. One ER nurse came in by the name of Arlene and said she was going to give me nitro. I never have had it and because I am very sensitive to meds I asked her if there are any side effects and said I am sensitive. She said "there are no side effects at all". She gave me two and my blood pressure plummeted into the 70's, I thought I was going to die!! many nurses came in and were shocked along with the Dr. when she came in. I was so scared! I then was admitted. I really wanted to leave but was so incredibly weak. When I got into my room, a nurse said she would have to "strip me down naked, roll me over and check my butt for abrasions and cuts" I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I didn't want to, it was humiliating. She said it was policy and all hospitals do this! She made me feel if I didn't I was hiding something. I was told I would have a stress test between 8 am and 9:30 am, the nurse comes in and says it won't be till 2:30 or 3 pm. I didn't want to stay, at this time my blood work came back fine. At 10:30 I had not eaten and was starved, I was told conflicting stories that I had to fast, others saying I could eat. My nurse said she would get me breakfast at around 10:30 am. She leaves, comes back 30 minutes later with nothing and says they are closed and getting ready for lunch. She didn't even bring back a piece of fruit. I was so upset. My husband left and brought me back fruit, graham crackers and some juice. Finally at 12:30, I got my stress test. I also received a cardiogram. The tech tells me to file a report on the ER nurse. I get on the treadmill, I do quite well for being exhausted and still having chest pain and with no pain reliever and put through hell! She then puts full speed and I can't do it anymore! The cardiologist comes in and says I'm too young not to finish and berates me. Then they start talking about me with the Dr.'s back to me. My husband speaks up against their behavior. The Dr. says there is nothing wrong with my heart but I need the nuclear test! I am so exhausted, so spent! I did not want to do anymore, I just wanted to go home! When one of the techs helped me on the gurney, she told me that "almost nobody passes the treadmill test". What that tells me is that we are to fail so they can put patients through hell for their greed! They bring me back to my room and my nurse says that I have to wait for the cardiologist to speak to my Dr. to be assessed and then maybe be released. I said no more, I want to leave now! She comes back with a paper for me to sign that reads I am voluntarily leaving the hospital against my Dr.'s advice and I would be at risk. This was a falsehood. I would not sign. She then comes back with 3 more nurses and two security guards! One nurse starts to berate me, I started crying and said I have never been treated so badly! I then get dressed, I'm shaking and scared! We leave with two security guards and everyone looking at us as if we were criminals! To sum up my experience here: I would recommend no one ever coming here! I have never been so scared, humiliated, violated! They are criminal and I hope they close this hell hole! What they did to me should never happen to anyone!! I came here afraid for my life and end up with post traumatic stress from almost dying, being mocked, humiliated and violated!

Stan Stansbury
Stan Stansbury

2 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

My inpatient stay 8/28-9/7 was like economy section of an oversold flight that went up and didn't come down for days. You can't move, get comfortable, or sleep; and someone is always making noise somewhere. I can't give a single compliment that doesn't end in but...
They cured my serious infection, but gave me back crotch rot. I hope that will not be a resistant hospital strain.
The surgeon did good work, but it took 3 days delay for him to start it.
The nurses are kind and capable, but so overworked that it hardly matters. My picc line wasn't properly terminated. In 9 days I never got a bath, and my room had no shower.
Hospital staff carefully set up home nursing for my at home iv infusions, but they picked companies that don't take my health insurance so it all had to be re-negotiated.
Bottom line: I will never go back there unless I'm unconscious.

Madeleine Moriarty
Madeleine Moriarty

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

I was there a week. The doctors were great ! However the NURSES WERE THE BEST, excellent care from everyone!!!!!!💟💟💟💟
Thanks to all

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