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75 North Country Road, Port Jefferson, NY 11777, USA
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Consumer feedback about John T Mather Memorial Hospital of Port Jefferson

Rating: 4 /5

Joan Daidone

I been to the hospital a number of times over the years for both parents. But most recently, had to bring my 92 year mother in to ER for shortness of breadth and dizziness. The staff was very professional, polite and courtesy. They were very attentive and compassionate to a very frightened and frail elderly woman. They quickly diagnosed her with pneumonia and congestive heart failure. And have been very responsive and communicative.

Rating: 1 /5


I would give them less stars if I could. We ended up in the emergency room at Mather Hospital. While paying for a very expensive private Platinum plan through Care Connect, that is supposed to cover our emergency room visits, we are now receiving collection bills from this hospital. We called several times and spent countless hours between the insurance company and the hospital. Care Connect is not performing as they should which is not our fault. The billing department from the Hospital admitted we are not responsible for the payments however they did not stop sending us bill. Getting collection notices is very upsetting. They cleared out eventually but it was very unpleasant. STAY AWAY.

Rating: 5 /5

Kristen Poje

My husband and I have both been patients in the ER, 2 East, Radiology and the Out-patient surgery center. We have had nothing but the best care. Everyone was kind and compassionate. I refer this hospital to my friends and family.

Rating: 1 /5

Peter M. Budraitis

The staff at the time of our visit was very nice and efficient. However, Mather Hospital greatly misled us. We were billed for services that not only weren't approved by us, but were spelled out in a written agreement that we did not want the specific services. Years later, after we were told this was resolved we were put into collections. Simply put, Mather Hospital can not be trusted to do and bill as they agree to. I would avoid a hospital that says one thing and does another. Especially when it costs you out of pocket for their errors and you end up not being able to do anything about it because their lawyers are bigger than yours. And, amazingly, they were the only hospital on Long Island that was rated an "A" hospital. You really have to wonder who does the rating. It certainly wasn't for patient satisfaction, judging by some of the real world reviews posted here.

Rating: 1 /5

SwordGamer -Gaming Channel

Don’t go here one day I went there they wrapped my broken foot not good and I had a infection. Now I just called them I was going to tell them about my foot that was wrapped and they hanged up on me if your gonna go to a hospital go to Stony Brook.