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9333 Imperial Hwy, Downey, CA 90242, USA
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Consumer feedback about Kaiser Foundation Hospital – Downey

Rating: 5 /5

Loreta G.A.

My preferred 24 hour pharmacy, of any Kaiser pharmacies in Downey. No worrying if it will be closed after work, it's open 24 hours. Wait time depends on the time you come, wait here for me today was only 10 minutes. Parking can be a challenge since it is in the hospital but parking is difficult at many places. When possible I carpool , one goes in the other parks and it's quick. Friendly staff, usually clean and what im referring to is that sometimes some visitors just leave their trash anywhere.

Rating: 1 /5

Fanny Aguilar

F crazy never have a great facility seen a patient on Crist and with out psych meds and I'm one off them today.. no mercy.or help to get u meds.

Rating: 1 /5

ebony hoofe

I came here to bring back my boyfriend who was here 4days ago for his back pain, he usually doesn’t go to the emergency room because he doesn’t like the medication they try out on him for his pain, he says they make him feel worse, the doctor ms Elizabeth Arnell came in very stale ,not really caring, (I’ll admit my boyfriend was being a grouch but not intentionally he’s been in pain for two weeks straight now )he explains that the medication isn’t making him feel better but making him feel worse she asked him what worked floor himand he told her morphine she told him no morphine ( which is understood because he got it 4days ago it isn’t safe) he let her know it was okay if they weren’t going to give him morphine or any pain medication because it simply isn’t working for long, she asks him for urine and he willingly gave her the urine no problem, she comes back and says he tested positive for meth and says she’s immediately discharging him this pissed me and my boyfriend off 1st off he’s never taken meth in his life, 2nd he was given so many different medications there is absolutely a chance the drug test was a false positive drug test! The hospital gave him 2 or 3 different muscle relaxers and pain medications if a doctor doesn’t know about false positive drug tests they need to go back to school, he literally is in the worst pain of his life and was discharged because of a possible false positive drug test it’s like she never cross referenced his charts from days ago she literally did not try to help him because she assumed he was just some junkie trying to get morphine, he turned down all medications and scans and X-rays and ultrasounds because he already had like 5 of them done in the days before ( which can cause cancer) I’m just saying watch your back some of these doctors would rather lie on the patient instead of help them, I recorded the whole ordeal even after my boyfriend refused to leave because he was in pain this hospital need to really take action on these non caring doctors they have their hardened and cold hearted

Rating: 5 /5

Samantha Escalera

I went to Kaiser ER in Downey on Saturday night 1/20/18 with severe abdominal pain. I've had pain for 3 days but that day was nore prominant. I went in about10:30 and was taken into a bed with 20 minutes. I wish I could remember my doctors name but he was amazing and so was my nurse, Steven. I was treated with so much respect and dignity which hardly ever happens. Im a bigger girl so usually doctors see me and thing, shes fat, thats why she has these problems but not that night. I felt that these people genuinely cared. The doc listened to me, evaluated me and sent me for a CT. The man who did my CT was also very professional and we even made small talk. I did with everyone. A few hours later, I was told I had acute appendicitis!! I was in shock. I thought I would be told it was nothing. And Im just happy that this doctor actually listened to my concerns and didnt send me on my way with antacids. I realized then that I would have to get surgery that day and was told how lucky I was that I went in that day. My pain was controlled and on sunday morning I was in pre op and Dr. Laxa performed my surgery. I loved that she, the anesthesiologist and two nurses assisting in the surgery went in to introduce themselves. I had the best experience and would like to thank all the people who made my stay and care amazing. I was able to go home the same day and am in recovery but I just want to say Thank You for treating me with respect, dignity and for genuinely caring about me. -Samantha Escalera

Rating: 3 /5

pepx Romero

Do not waste your time with their parking you will save precious time by parking on the lot across the street.