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Consumer feedback about Kaiser Foundation Hospital – Fresno

Rating: 1 /5

Tatevik Hovhannisyan

Disgrace the nurses are the rudest! My cousin was having her baby and there were members of the family waiting in the waiting room.. We were in such a happy mood, the nurses were extremely rude on the night of 01.22.2018 around 10-11( there was a very tall, mid aged glasses Caucasian nurse that was just evil and bitter) she literally called my cousin that was admitted to tell us to leave. We went home and did not have any conversation with that specific nurse because we were so disgusted and did not want to make a scene ruining our happiness. She was just evil and was irritated to see bunch of happy people. Then my cousin had her baby and they made so much mistakes, like she signed that she does not want her kid to have a certain shot, and they gave her baby the shot and other things that showed how careless some of the nurses were there. One of the nurses was super rude to my mom that was simply standing in the hallway and minding her own business. The last day when my cousin was being discharged from the hospital, my sister came with her two children. 10 and 6 years old. We kindly asked is they can stand inside the doors, because my sister needed to come in and get some stuff helping my cousin. They carelessly said no children are not allowed they can stand outside of the doors. Which is dangerous for children. It's true some nurses were nice and we are thankful that they helped my cousin have the baby, but they have made so much mistakes that especially from kaiser no one would expect. I have kaiser insurance but I am looking to change, because at least the birth center was ridiculous I have had experiences in St. Agnes and both Clovis and Fresno communities and the nurses there are so wonderful. They show that they care for people and are actually there to help you with something instead of being there.

Rating: 5 /5

Felipe Espinoza

Amazing staff with an amazing array of doctors and nurses. They actually do their best to take care of you or your clients. I've been bringing a client here and the staff is great with him.

Rating: 5 /5

Marlene Kay Gallemore

First I have to say I wasn't looking forward to going to Kiaser. I was worried they would move me around from Dr to Dr based on things I heard. But it was the only choice based on price and availability of services I needed, I'm self employed. I'm happy to report I have been with Kiaser nearly 3 years now. I have always had excellent care. I have the same Dr, when I need to go to a different Dept for a specialist, x-ray whatever the case, the staff is always great. They really stay on top of my care and my children's. My children have a different plan than I. Now have I had a few problems? Yes, but we were able to get it worked out pretty easily.

Rating: 1 /5

April Wilkins

We have had Kisser for over 40 years. They have always been so good.....UNTIL... Feb.2017 my mom called and said my dad wasn't breathing so good. Why in the world did they set him up an appointment with his Dr. Instead of sendingvhim to emergency..... Dr. Steal and his staff were so rude. She came in an hour early with my dad.... It took over three hours for them to see my dad... My dad was pissed they were in there laughing and giggling. Then by the time they got to my dad they sent them by ambulance to the ER. She asked the nurse why did the have to wait so long to be seen. The nurse told my mom next time don't come so early...... My mom offered to drive my dad but they said no he needed to go by ambulance..... Why the heck didn't you send my elderly parents in there 80 to emergency in the begging. Then you send a ambulance bill for $200. The Dr. Steal was rude and the nurse was way out of line for her remarks..... All the Dr. Steal did was pump my dad full of medication never checks his liver. Kidneys or anything. I think they tried to kill my dad from the beginning. Making him wait over 3 hours when he had trouble breathing then sending him to the wrong department.... Someone owes are family an explanation. Why were they treated this way

Rating: 1 /5

Shyanne Correia

Patients are neglected. My mom was admitted a couple months ago with serious abdominal pain. I went to visit her and while I was there she started experiencing extreme pain. She calmly pressed the button on her bed to call the nurses but they never came. The pain intensified and she started to cry and scream because it was so awful she could not stand it. She pressed the button numerous times as well as the woman in a bed next to her pressed the button numerous times. I'm not very confrontational and unfortunately I'm the only family member here to help out (I'm 18 and my siblings live in texas). I was terrified. She screamed for help and nobody came. I asked nurses to come help her and I was ignored. Finally a woman came and said she was a nurse and she'd go check her medicine chart to see if she could give my mom medicine, she disappeared for about 45 minutes after that. After about 2 hours of being ignored and freaking out because my mom was literally screaming for help I became extremely irritated and asked the nurses station to send help now because it is absolutely ridiculous that anyone would allow someone to be in that much pain and just stand around and do nothing. They finally called in the "nurses manager" who apologized and she came in and gave her pain medicine. I'm so glad they changed her floors this was absolutley awful.