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700 Lawrence Expy, Santa Clara, CA 95051, USA
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Consumer feedback about Kaiser Foundation Hospital-Santa Clara

Rating: 4 /5

Alexandra Rosa

This is the nice and clean hospital. It’s relatively new and has some amazing staff. There are lots of plants and artwork covering the walls making it feel more welcoming than your average hospital. The one negative is the parking situation. It can take 45 minutes to find parking but they do have a complimentary valet you just have to make sure to get here early so that you can take it advantage of it.

Rating: 5 /5

Dongjing He

This is the best ever medical services we have received in the united states. My family member had an emergency medical condition and I am really thankful that the hospital literally saved his life. We had chance to have experiences with many facilities at the hospital, including ER, ICU, telemetry, social worker, financial, pharmacy and etc. EVERY single staff we met at the hospital were super nice, patient, considerate, and well qualified. They really care about your health and they really want to help. Eternal gratitude to Kaiser.

Rating: 4 /5

Darcy MacPhee

Great doctors, nurses and other staff. The facilities are wonderful and state of the art. The parking can really, really suck depending on the time of day, however. I have to recommend showing up very early, and if you do manage to get parking early, you will be left wandering around.

Rating: 5 /5

Igor Zavoychinskiy

Visited them when our little one had a severe asthma attack. There were no many visitors there, and we were accepted immediately. The staff was very careful and professional. They did the checks, and in just 5 minutes we were on a way to the room. The following two nights were a nightmare for me and my wife due to the fact we had this stress situation, but I cannot say anything bad about the staff, doctors or the hospital. Here are some of my observation. They may sound a bit harsh, but they don't change my overall positive opinion: 1. The staff is constantly rotating. I'd say it happens once a day but may be not. It means that the quality may change depending on who is on duty today. One day it could be just awesome, another day it could be so-so. It never was "bad" for us. 2. The "main" doctors (who are rotating as well) are good. The "assistant doctors" are not that good/skilled sometimes. There was a case when I had to intervene and begin to give advices. I'm not a doctor at all, but being an engineer I managed to learn the hardware in the room better than the doctor who tried to set it up. I don't tend to think that something bad could happen without me. However, it was a disappointment to see the inability to operate a simple medical device. It was just a single case during the whole stay. Most of the time the staff knew what they are doing. 3. The food for the little patients is acceptable, but nothing special. It wasn't a big issue to us since our little girl had no appetite anyways. However, the picky ones would likely not eat the whole meal. 4. They have a good playing room and a playground. It could be a big relief when the kid has spent a couple of days in the hospital. 5. I had an experience to communicate with their financial department, and the experience was positive. They are friendly and responsive. In general, I'd choose them again should we need an emergency service. I hope, we will never need it again, though.

Rating: 3 /5

Randy Hsu

Parking is a nightmare so get here early. Valet can be full and traffic becomes chaotic with people circling, pouncing on someone walking to their car. Hospital itself is clean, fresh, and people are courteous. However, this place can still be a maze.