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Consumer feedback about Kaiser Foundation Hospital – South Bay

Rating: 1 /5

Alicia Gonzalez

This hospital is unbelievable. We rushed our son to the emergency room after he smashed his finger so bad the tip of his thumb was hanging over, and bleeding. I mentioned that our son had autism and was not able to express his pain not able to answer their questions or follow directions. They took us in pretty quick until things went down hill. They told us his finger would need to be repaired in the operating room because he wouldn’t cooperate and the hospital didn’t have a hand surgeon on duty. They made us wait 5 hours for a transport to a hospital that would be able to repair his thumb at hour 6 the doctor on duty stated he spoke to 2 hand surgeons that agreed they could clean it up in the ER and schedule a appointment with a hand surgeon in a week. After 6 hours of waiting WE HAD TO TAKE MY SON TO HARBOR-UCLA TO GET TREATMENT!!! They never started a IV, didn’t give him antibiotics, nothing. They had us wait I’m sure because legal issues were more important than doing their job. The lack of compassion was unbelievable especially for a child who couldn’t express his pain. Shame on you Kaiser

Rating: 1 /5

Lemuel Neal

Labor and delivery was awful, supposed to be one of the great moments you have but it was terrible. Most of the staff are rude and unhelpful, made us leave the room to administer epidural which is fine, but didn’t tell me when it was ok to come back in sat in the waiting room for an hour. And they had an attitude when I️ asked to come in. Also left my wife fully dilated for an hour and a half. Told me there was a staffing issue as if that is my burden to bare. When you go out and try to ask the nurses for some assistance with anything they all do their best to avoid eye contact as if customer service is not apart of their job. Seriously I️ feel like my kid was stuck in limbo for hours just because they didn’t have time to start the pushing with my wife. It wouldn’t be so bad if they would come in every once and a while and explain what’s up, it was unreal.

Rating: 1 /5

Jen Bean

Worst experience ever. Came with my newborn with a fever that would not go down even after the nurses giving him Tylenol and motrin. Stupid nurses didn't care. I have never heard of a hospital not putting in a newborn first. Worst ever I can not believe it this hospital feels like Martin Luther King hospital when it shut down for having incompetent nurses and people who didn't care. I'm going to make a formal complaint.

Rating: 1 /5

Sarah Hickson

This place is an absolute joke. My girlfriend has been here for 4 hours with excruciating abdominal pain with no medication or no sign of a doctor coming out anytime soon. The lobby is absolutely disgusting, the restrooms are disgusting with urine and blood on the seats and stalls. We tried telling the receptionist that her pain is growing and it’s becoming hard for her to move around, but we were given an attitude with, “there are people who have been here longer than you”. For the people who actually pay the high premium Kaiser charges, I’m really sorry you have to deal with such bull from a place like this when you need emergency services. We are now thinking about leaving and driving all the way up to Los Angeles or Downey with hope that someone will actually see her and show some compassion.

Rating: 4 /5

Paul Ness

Excellent Opthalmology Dept! Typical wait time is 10-20 mins but the doctors and staff are exceptional.