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Consumer feedback about Kaiser Foundation Hospital – Vacaville

Rating: 1 /5

Austin Millwood

I came in a couple days ago thinking I have bad bronchitis or something I felt terrible had a temp of 103 was seen immediately everyone was helpful until some nurse came in giving me a paper with my primary doc on it and info for north bay hospital pretty much telling me "your not dying so you need to go to North Bay next time" just because I don't have Kaiser my insurance covers all emergency room visits I felt so unwelcome I was about to walk out without my medicine I even told the doctor and all he said was it was a misunderstanding I'm sorry but someone telling me I'm not dying and I need to go to North Bay which I do not trust at all is absurd I had a nose swab which they never called me back for so in the end they gave me medicine that made me even more sick didn't care how I was spoken to and didn't tell me what sickness I had I will never be coming back I expected so much more from a Kaiser i rather drive down to Sacramento to Sutter at least they care about their patients

Rating: 1 /5

Alan Pinette

Heard great things about this ER.... well they were wrong. Brought my wife here because her doctor told her to come... 3 hours into it were still waiting and they are not even busy, been passed up twice. She told the check in she is in a lot of pain they told her were sorry... I love kiaser but absolutely hate this ER, the Sacramento one is faster.

Rating: 5 /5

Maren You

I just had spinal surgery here a few days ago, and the incredible level of care and compassion I received was astounding. They even let my spouse stay with me through the entire pre-op process, which was not the experience I had at another Kaiser. The operation went smoothly, and everyone seemed to work together really well. On top of it all, every staff member was so friendly! I was afraid I was going to lose control if my feet forever, but Dr. Silverthorn and his team saved me. Thank you, Vacaville staff. If I ever need another surgery, I'll be sure to come here again.

Rating: 5 /5


This facility is great. Everyone is helpful and the pharmacist at the 24 hour pharmacy, Garrett, went the extra mile. Appreciate it a lot.

Rating: 1 /5

Li T

TLDR: If you’re dying, go to a different hospital. Literally any other one except the North Bay ones. Everyone in the ER waiting room lined up from the waiting room, filling up every seat, to all the way down the hall and have been waiting for hours. My mom waited since 3PM and was seen at 11PM and other patients have been waiting longer. An old lady who had been brought by an ambulance had to be wheelchaired over by other patients after being abandoned by staff for half a day. The staff were just gossiping and weren’t attending to patients at all for even an ounce of comfort or asking about wait times. People were sitting on the floor clutching at their stomachs and heads for God’s sake. My mom hadn’t even been ID’d with a medical bracelet and midnight had already passed and she had already entered the ER room, and the nurses would just leave and say nothing and abandoned her there in the room. While inside the ER, patients had to hobble over and beg for someone to see them because they haven’t been seen for hours and were left ignored by staff who continued to idly gossip about. This hospital is completely unequipped to handle trauma. My family has been to the ER multiple times and this has happened consistently multiple times where people have been unattended by staff and abandoned every single time. They have no idea who came first or who had what; they literally just register you and forget about your existence. There’s tons of staff but no professionalism or actual work being done - or even pity party work where they comfort patients even if a nurse can’t really do anything. It seems that anyone who even mentions that they have any RN experience can apply and sit on their ass here. God forbid an earthquake ever happen or a major fire or flood actually reach this area and people have to flee to the Kaiser Vacaville ER to go for help because they just cannot handle cases efficiently, effectively, and humanely. It seems that Kaiser Vallejo ER, of all places, is more effective than this place in seeing patients in Solano County. I think I might have to either go to Vallejo or Sacramento next time or try another hospital like Sutter entirely. That’s saying something. (We also got harassed by a nurse and abandoned by nurses and doctors with similar but slightly better than Vacaville staff in Vallejo after being referred to the ER by two doctors for hours after a guess of a possible oncoming aneurism, and we also had to file complaints there as well.)