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Consumer feedback about Kansas City Orthopaedic Institute

carol marshall
carol marshall

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

I have literally been a patient for ten years. I was first seen for knee pain. I was advised my leg was not straight and wanted to cut my femur bone to straighten my leg. Decided not the right move.
Then after numerous injections by knee dr (not Dt. GURBA) and still having pain the RN said I don't think it's your leg. I recommend you go see Dr Ann Hillman. (WHO IS NO LONGER THERE)
Dr. HIillman saw me and was excellent. SHE DID AN MRI And said my back was fractured after having the pain for 6 months. I followed her advice who immediately said I needed back surgery. I wish I would have had a 2nd opinion. At the time I had excellent insurance.
After having the back surgery at 43 I never had another period. Kind of embarrassing to talk about. When I went to my follow up 3 then 6 months later i mentioned it to the Dr who did my back surgery said "so what". A male perpective I guess. Lol
I wish he would have told me the long term effects of having back surgery.

I had knee surgery with Dr. GURBA years later and he is a saint. Best bedside manner and excellent skills. No problems of any kind.
I have seen Dr. LAN fotopolus for years and trust him 100 percent, a pain stimulator placed, have had i believe 15 surgeries for pain control. Saw him yesterday and was advised I would need to see a person I have never met for medication to deaden pain, to live a somewhat functional life. I'm now 56 years old.

I can be seen for injections and pain therapy but because of "political views" of the Dr's who own the hospital they will no longer write rx for pain relief.

It hurts so much in my heart and I am sad that all of the patients have been referred to a dr outside of their practice.

I understand however due to the news on opiods but feel the Dr's who made this decision have punished their patients, who have built trust with their Dr's at Dickson and Dively. AND caved to political pressure. I called the Dr that was recommended to set an an appointent in 3 months. They said I need a referral and the Dr and staff need to send a referral with all charts, imaging etc.

I hope they follow through in a timely manner.
It was a hard decision to make as I love Dr. GURBA, and Dr. FOTOPOLUS but have come the thought that I probably will go to KU for care in the future.

This was wrong to do to.patients who did not abuse pain medication and have followed all of their advice and instructions.

It's a sad day for me and was so emotional to worry all night about having to start over with someone I knew and trusted so much! Dr GURBA and Fotopolus. The back dr will remain unnamed as I would never personally attack him. I'm not that kind of a person.

Good luck to whoever reads this.

Jack Shortell
Jack Shortell

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Dr. Stechschulte did my
Arthroscopic repair 10 years ago to my torn meniscus. He also did an Internal fixation to my broken elbow a year later. Still till today I have had no issues. I highly recommend Dr. Stechschulte, he is an amazing doctor and has a great staff!

Aaron Compton
Aaron Compton

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Had knee surgery here several years ago. Knee still feels great. Dr. Browne did an excellent job.


5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Our son suffered a SLAP tear. He is a college baseball pitcher. Dr. Dan Stechshulte was very thourough with his exam. He listened to our concerns and gave us treatment options. He was very informative, and took time to explain everything. We will continue to work with Doctor Dan. I read in other reviews that sometimes the doctors here are behind schedule. This happens everywhere there is quality care. I would rather wait than be rushed during visit. We did not have to wait longer than 15 mins with an 11:00 appointment.

Joe Zuchowski
Joe Zuchowski

1 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

The quality of the care has been great, but what is the use of appointment when you are never seen on time.

Check in early and pack a lunch, you will be there a long time, but if you are running late you will have to reschedule.

Great doctors hidious administration.

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