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Consumer feedback about Karmanos Cancer Center

Brandi Stoddard
Brandi Stoddard

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

Update on my sister who underwent a BMT

After My sisters relapse, Karmanos put her on a chemo regimen to reduce the amount of Cancer in her body. As a result of this treatment, My sister developed a different kind of bone marrow failure, fibrosis. This treatment also caused her bone marrow to become suppressed so her body failed to even produce marrow as a result. We learned all of this after her wisdom tooth extraction which then became severely infected which for someone in her condition can be life threatening since she has 0 white blood cells. As she continued to decline, many unanswered phone calls with Karmanos and little to no answers coming from her Doctor’s at Karmanos, we decided to make the trip to Karmanos to be admitted (hopefully). Thankfully after a long stint in the ER, they did admit her to the hospital. After running tests on her, they informed us of the fibrosis, bone marrow suppression and a fungal infection in her lung which happened to be the most concerning thing of all. They started her on strong antibiotics but nothing seemed to help the fevers.

On 7/12, my sisters Doctor (who was leaving for work for the day) came into her room at about 8:30 at night on a Friday night with no family, no support, no social workers and delivered the heart wrenching news. my sister only has a couple months to live and there is nothing else they will be able to do for her. I’ll remember this moment for the rest of my life, on FaceTime with my sister while I’m at baseball practice and I’ll always remember thinking, “This seems extremely inappropriate”. We remained at Karmanos for a week after that scrambling to figure out what they will do to help her. Their answer – take amoxicillin and go home to live out the rest of your days. Yep.

During this week we repeatedly asked the doctors and the nurse practitioner about getting a second opinion and their response was simple, “There is no hospital in the world that can help you”. To say that we are disappointed in Karmanos, their care, their staff, their awful demeanor is an understatement. I do wish to convey however, we did have some of the best nurses in the world. We have also met some wonderful people who are going through some of the same things and unfortunately received the same news as my sister.

Karmanos released my sister from the hospital on 7/20 with a prescription for amoxicillin (eye roll) and two other antibiotics that are equally as pathetic. Against everything Karmanos told us about getting a second opinion, we made the decision to drive her directly to U of M hospital as soon as we left Karmanos. U of M hospital admitted her due to her fevers and condition. They were shocked that Karmanos released her in her condition, and we were happy to hear we weren’t going nuts.

Within a few days, They had a complete workup of her. They ran a new bone marrow biopsy, ran tests that we’ve never heard of (and I doubt Karmanos has never heard of them) and provided some of the most amazing care I never thought was even possible. Not even a week into her admission at U of M, we learned that she does have more options and by using my stem cells to essentially boost her immune system to jumpstart her bone marrow re-growth and to help fight off her infection. They also said there is a 20% chance that this will work. To say that we were beyond excited is a complete understatement. It was also infuriating at the same time, knowing we wasted so much precious time at Karmanos.

We have learned a lot through all of this. We learned to question doctors, we have learned to listen to our instincts against repeated negative remarks, we have learned to FIGHT no matter what and we learned that U of M > any other hospital


1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I have been waiting almost 3 hours they siad they called my name 45 minutes ago and we where sitting in front of her desk so we would have heard her then she siad that we changed our appointment from 9:30 to 10:10 to 10:15 but they got us to the docter at 11:40 then she made is wait longer.

Mo Meldrum
Mo Meldrum

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Unfailing courtesy and competence. We are confident that Karmanos provides the very best in cancer assessment and care.

Elizabeth Arce
Elizabeth Arce

4 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

I have had nothing but a great experience here. My nurses and surgeons have been excellent!! My only complaint is their valet service. Why is there no complimentary valet? Not that it is expensive,but the price does add up. I am there once a week and those $3 charges add up. Something needs to change about this.

GZL Michelle
GZL Michelle

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

One star is enough to cover the "good" part of getting treatment here. People smoke out front almost every visit I come in for. The wait is so long and you finally speak for your doctor for them not to be thorough with you. They give you a coordinator that helps with whatever you need before your transplant, appointments, refills, questions. I had one who was only there part time since I could never reach her. Now that I am out of transplant, I have to all these things myself. I am weaker and more foggy than I was coming in and I would imagine most patients would be the same, so no help? The stay was horrid. They don't partner up to only interrupt you as needed and most people knock on the door louder than the police. I had 8 people knock on my door between 8am and 10am. They never cleaned my shower and only wiped down any clear space on surfaces. So the bathroom sink had the same soap drips for days because I had my bin of bathroom necessities there. They wiped the main entry door handle, the top lip of the refrigerator door, the visitor seat cushions and bedside table. The lounge where you can use the exercise bike or sit with your family is for the patients. I've found the cleaning staff in there on their phones plugged into the wall. I noticed a metal hook on the floor after my first week there and it was still on the floor after I spoke to management about it. The food was horrendous, the smell of it made you want to vomit, just like the staff said it would. It's sad when nutrition is such a big part of recovering, yet I had to survive on what could go in the microwave, if I could make it there that day. I had 3 nurses that were absolutely wonderful. I know I will get the reply to speak with Nanci, however, I had bad experiences before I even made it in to transplant. I don't want another investigation and formal apology; patients deserve to know other patients' experiences and honest feedback so they can choose where they would like take their best chance at living.