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400 W Mineral King Ave, Visalia, CA 93291, USA
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Consumer feedback about Kaweah Delta Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Heath Burkhead

These guys nearly killed me twice. They don't know how to take down your information or listen to you, and the billing department had a tendency to turn your bill into collections rather than where it's supposed to go such as Workman's comp insurance. The wait times are never less than 12 hours. The doctors don't pay much attention to you, they're more worried about turning numbers. I waited in the ER for 20 hours to be told I had a gastrointestinal infection and 4-5 hours after I left, my appendix burst. AVOID THIS HOSPITAL IF YOU ARE NOT DYING!

Rating: 1 /5

chris garza

Omfg. I just left there. And after hearing how rude people are to their patients. As you leave. God forbid you greet Anyone with a proper shred of decency. They all look at you as if your the scum scrapped from the bottom barrel. This talking about the staff because I seen ebry person wearing a badge. #trustnomd #kaweahsghetto #bringyourmeanface

Rating: 1 /5

H Torres

Anesthesia Dept went from being one of the most stellar/ easy to deal with departments in the Kaweah Health System, to the largest laughable joke. What a sad disappointment! This New Anesthesia Director (2018) reflects very poorly on the changes coming with the “New” Kaweah.

Rating: 1 /5

Selena Selena

Have been trying to reach the Anesthesia dept leader for weeks. I am always told the same thing: He’s not available, he’s out or he’s already gone for the day. I told the person on the phone I have a complaint about Dr. Palacios. She gave me a phone number for a corporate company in New York to take my complaint!

Rating: 4 /5

Crystal Coin

We went in on new years eve with our 11 month son with uncontrollable vomiting. We had one really good nurse in the ER, but when he went home it was terrible to say the least. The phlebotomist (3 of them) was terrible (also upstairs, didn't take their time and poked him 6 times to no avail). I know it was busy, but they would say they were going to give him something and forget about him for 2.5 hours before they'd come in and give him fluids, or nausea medication. 14 hours later, we finally got a room on the peds floor. All I have to say is it's night and day! The nurses seemed generally happy to see us and the baby. Always had a smile on their faces and tried their best to do what they could for our son. The doctor was a really nice woman who was extremely informative. This staff made a world of difference on how we thought of the hospital. So if like to say thank you to the Peds staff, you guys are amazing! ER staff needs a little work... asked a nurse at the station who was our nurse after shift change, (our son was vomiting again) she seemed genuinely annoyed that my husband interrupted her conversation with another nurse.