Kell West Regional Hospital Rating
31 reviews
2.9 Rating 2.9
31 reviews

About Kell West Regional Hospital

Kell West Regional Hospital is an acute care hospital that can accommodate outpatient, inpatient, and urgent care needs.
The hospital features an emergency center, surgery department, and concussion clinic.
The hospital services include laboratory services, intensive care, rehabilitation services, respiratory services, sleep center, and radiology services.

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Emergency Services
  • Emergency Department
  • Arthroscopy
  • Joint Replacement
  • Spine Surgery
Radiology / Nuclear Medicine / Imaging
  • Computed Tomography
  • Computed Tomography-Angiography
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Positron Emission Tomography
  • Physical Therapy
Surgery Services
  • Inpatient Surgery
  • Robotic Surgery
Neuroscience Services
  • Sleep Studies
  • Lithotripsy
Emergency Service Available


Group Service


Hospital Type
  • Acute Care Hospitals
  • Short Term Acute Care
Control Type
  • Proprietary
  • Partnership
Total Staffed Beds 41

Licensed Beds 41

Bed Utilization


Total Discharges


Total Patient Days


Total Patient Revenue


TPS Quality Score 40 Rating 2.9
(31 reviews)

Jessica Harlow

I can not hear out of my left ear, and am in pain. The doctor says a little red will give an antibiotic. So, what do I have? I have never had this problem before so a little explanation would be helpful. Nothing. Then I have waited over an hour to get my prescription. I was hesitant in coming in here, and would not recommend it. About the only positive was the nurse. Poor thing was the only one running from room to room, and she was the sweetest. She needs help so it wont take so long. Not sure what they gave me will even fix my problem. Leaving not happy.

Kathleen Smith

I saw Brent Wetendorf from Texoma Primary Care that's associated with Kell West Hospital on 6-7-19. I've been seeing Brent for about a year and a half ONLY because of my HMO Insurance. I had a rash around my bikini area were I had shaved and went outside later in the day. There was a MEDICAL STUDENT in the room with Brent and myself. Brent recieved a phone call and excused himself, I had already showed Amanda and the student my rash before he recieved his call. The studenr asked if I had shaved my bikini area which I replied that I had. Brent returns to the room and I showed him the rash as he stands 2feet away with a disgusting look on his face. I told him I had the same rash last summer then he asks, What did I give you. I don't remember. You have my records Right there, can You look. He replys " I don't have the rest of your Bible here to look" meaning My Records. He has 20 years of my records I brought him. He writes something down on a sticky note, I ask What is this? It's over the counter meds for Scabies. Just humor me and go get this put it on your Whole body and rinse it off when you wake up. I ask. If I have Scabies isn't it CONTAGIOUS? ?? He replys " Well just put someones head down there and see if They get it.... MY JAW HIT THE FLOOR. He said this IN FRONT OF THIS MEDICAL STUDENT. You cant make this stuff up. Stunned from his response I go home and call my husband. BTF never used it, wasn't SCABIES it was fungal from the shaving and Excessive SWEAT. Ned less to say I no longer go there. BEWARE and DON'T LET ANYONE TALK TO YOU LIKE THAT SCABIES OR NOT...

Mary Sun

Had to take my daughter there for dental work the staff, nurses, anaesthetist and doctors were all great.

Billie Jerdana

This hospital was great!! I'm from out of state but was having problems with my kindey stone again and all the staff was really kind.. The guy who done my CT was so unbelievable sweet to me and my daughter.. My nurse took great care of me.. And I didn't have to wait long at all.. Thank you guys so much.

Jordan Anderson

Long waits because the staff is lazy. I recommend going anywhere else. The doctor, Mendoza, likes to argue and is very unprofessional.