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Consumer feedback about Kettering Medical Center

Kettering Medical Center
Reviewed from Google

3.2 out of 5 stars

Janet Little
Janet Little

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 days ago

My daughter was recently hospitalized for nearly a week at your facility. I am a retired RN with Critical Care and Quality Administration experience, so I feel qualified to comment on your facility, her care and overall observation during her stay. I was very impressed with the professionalism, attentiveness, and personal interactions of the staff, at ALL levels; from the sweet lady in the parking garage to the volunteer that escorted her at discharge. The physicians and nurses were caring and personable, as well as efficient. The cleanliness of the hospital was unmatched with any I've seen or worked in over the years. Such a pleasure to see and smell. Thank you for your dedication & standards!

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS Practice everyday !!
RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS Practice everyday !!

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 days ago

My “review “ ended up in the ask the Community a question section of this website?!! Oops!! That’s what I gets for not wearing my glasses!! Sorry!!! I hated sharing a negative experience but it was not just one little incident. It was more like a constant mess after mess after mess and on and on!!!They didn’t have a place to properly dispose of bloop and other human waste. So the nurse literally looks around while dripping blood everywhere as he had removed ii and he said, “oh well!” Shrugs his shoulders and tosses the iv line and bag that contained at least 50% of my blood dripping out again everywhere...I could not believe my eyes as to what I was waitressing!! I understood as to why in the past they had such a problem with Staph Infections and patients dying!! Coming in perfectly healthy and air a minor surgery and dead in less than a week!! It is my hope that they have worked out the kinks that were in their system and those problems are in the past!?!!! Hope all this info helps??

Rafael Ortiz
Rafael Ortiz

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

I just want it to share my experience in Kettering medical center on 7/24/2018. All the staff members were extremely professional, and they may feel comfortable, knowing that this was my first surgery .After leave the hospital, I had a nurse checked on me, just to make sure that I was doing fine; Everything when well including the recovery time. Thanks to all members of the Kettering medical center and the Doctor for their caring, dedication and professionalism. Thank you! !

Cindy Elam
Cindy Elam

4 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

The cardiac docs at Kettering hospital saved my brothers life 3 yrs ago. The nurses were also great. I will be forever grateful.

Brittany Braden
Brittany Braden

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 days ago

This is just a PSA if you know anyone who may deliver their baby at Kettering Hospital...

**Make sure they take your urine drug test prior to delivery like they’re supposed to. Urine sample and order for screening needs to be sent to the lab together.
Failure to execute a simple drug screening cascaded into a series of events that made our experience very emotional and stressful.
The way the information was delivered (accusatory. Criminalizing)
The additional night we had to stay secondary to their screw up. (Insurance will love this) **

When I arrived to Labor and Delivery I was told to pee in a cup for my drug test (required of all moms prior to delivery) I did so and handed it to the nurse who left it next to the computer.
After delivering our baby and transferring to our mom and baby room for the following days we were told that they didn’t have my drug test so they needed to collect urine from our baby to process the drug screen.
On the day of our discharge we were told we had to stay an additional night because our sons urine was positive for Opiates and hydrocodone. They needed to do an assessment on him when he was 72 hours old to check for withdrawal symptoms. After lengthy discussions with the Kettering Pediatrician, trying to understand how this was possible, I offered to do additional test as well as requested documentation of all persons involved with the urine test (who collected it? who did they give it to? Who processed it?) which they were not be able to do.
We asked if the epidural or Nubain provided during delivery would cause the positive drug test and we were told “it would test positive for Opiates but not hydrocodone. So nothing you were given by us would have caused this positive test” - Implying it came from somewhere else (Me)
They did send our sons urine off for additional testing, a GC- MS confirmatory test, and sent his cord blood in for testing as well. (This would take days before results could come back)
They told us it is protocol for Social Services to be notified and they would stop by our room that day. Social Services told us they only contact child protective services when the confirmatory test and or cord blood test come back positive.
Our son passed his required assessment with flying colors. No evidence of withdrawal so we were able to discharge at this point.
Once we were told about the positive drug test we asked for Patient relations to get involved since we didn’t like the way we were feeling criminalized for something I know I didn’t do, the failure on their part not processing my drug test prior to delivery, for the fear of what was in my sons system when I know I didn’t take anything and for the overall emotional distress.
Fast forward 2 weeks- the charge nurse calls us and schedules a conference call between her, myself and Patient relations. I told her we still were not notified of the cord blood test. She said it was negative but all the doctors were baffled. They didn’t know that Nubain could metabolize and show up as hydromorphone (a metabolite of hydrocodone)

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