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2.5 Rating 2.5
251 reviews

About Lake Pointe Medical Center

Lake Pointe Medical Center is a 112-bed acute care hospital located in the Northeast section of the Greater Dallas Area in Rowlett, Texas, the hospital was founded in 1987.
Lake Pointe Medical Center provides a wide range of medical services, including an emergency department with trauma care and intensive care unit. The women’s and children’s comprehensive services featuring a level II and level III neonatal intensive care unit.
Other services provided by the hospital include interventional cardiology, diagnostic imaging, robotic-assisted surgery, orthopedics, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, urology, and more.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals
  • Short Term Acute Care Rating 2.5
(251 reviews)

Kayze Lanzuela

I’m so thankful to this hospital the staffs are very knowledgeable and kind they helped me a lot. I will never forget all those nurses helped us specially to Christina who helped me she watched my baby while I’m sleeping coz my husband was at worked. Thank you so much to her. Thank you so much to Nurse Brandy even though she’s pregnant she took care of me. Thank you so much Baylor Scott hospital and to all the nurses. ☺️☺️☺️

Athena Vastardis

I'm so impressed. I came into labor and delivery today because I was worried my wafter broke. Everything turned out being fine but the nurses were amazing. I'm so happy this will be my hospital I'll be giving birth at. The facility is clean and comfortable. I am looking forward to giving birth here. I know they will take care of me. ❤ I'll update my review after birth as well.

That Girl Oreo

Just had my baby boy and they’ve been nothing but helpful and amazing! They made the entire process easy for me and I had a beyond great delivery! Staff is fantastic and are always there to help! I HIGHLY recommend this place

Nader Feroz

We had our boy here and I have to say that nurses are amazing and really make sure and take their time to educate the patient. Doctor was so friendly and very professional. Over all everything was perfect and better than expected. Beautiful new rooms and really amazing place to have a baby.

Ashleigh Watson

This is one of those “if I could give negative stars...” reviews. My mother was in this place for 2+ days. And it resulted in my uncle calling the POLICE to get her out of there. Numerous tests aren’t even the issue. It took them entirely too long to change her bedding from the day she got there. Telling my uncle and I one thing then telling my mom another. Luckily my uncle was listening to their conversation via speaker phone. There is more... but I’m only speaking of what know for sure. DO NOT BRING YOUR LOVED ONES HERE.