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Consumer feedback about Lakeview Memorial Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Joe Smith

Extremely happy with the care we received while my wife gave birth to our kids there. Just had our second kid at Lakeview, got the same nurses as the 1st time, Constance and Nan, are amazing!!! We couldn’t have asked for better nurses then those two. I absolutely love Constance energy and positivity that she brings to the experience, and Nan is extremely experienced and knowledge. We absolutely loved it!

Rating: 1 /5

Tascha Zapata

I hate to even give this horrible place a star. I had surgery here and I was left in pain, ignored by the nurses after I asked to speak to someone in charge I had a nurse come into my room and point her finger in my face and told me "to stop acting like a 4 yr old and when I wanted to act grown up she would help me with my pain relief" because I was in extreme pain after my surgery and I was quietly crying. I had to even unhook my own IV to go to the bathroom due to being ignored. I honestly felt like my life was in danger after being in pain for over 2 hours I had to actually call the hospital from my room in recovery and talked with a lady at the front desk and ask for someone in patient care because I was scared for my life! No lie. Once I got someone from patient care to come down to recovery all of a sudden the nurses had to do their job and could not ignore me anymore. I NEVER received pain relief and was left/ignored by the nurses. The nurses were rude, mean and absolutely horrible. I would not wish my worst enemy to go to this hospital. No one deserves to be treated the way I was treated and I seriously hope this hospital gets closed. They are going to kill someone one day due to their negligence, what if I had serious issues after my surgery? I would have died in their care that day due to being ignored. I would not go to the hospital unless you want to experience how it is to possibly die while being at a hospital. I hope this place gets shut down immediately.

Rating: 5 /5

Jen M

I gave birth to my daughter here in 2014. It was a great place to give birth. The hospital was very clean and very quiet. The nurses were attentive and friendly. Dr Dean is amazing and she made me smile even when I was in the worst pain of my life. I also really liked the food here. My husband had a complaint about the beds they provide for family to stay on however I think that is par for the course at any hospital. He had a choice of a few different recliners and a cot. Overall I had an extremely positive experience and when I have my next child I will be giving birth here again

Rating: 3 /5

Mary Smith

Quality of care definitely decreased when HP bought them out. My dr was very honest about being under staffed and it was evident. Had some issues with staff but my concerns were followed up on. Some very good Dr's and nurses and nice birth center. They don't offer any new parent groups which is a bummer.

Rating: 1 /5

Kristine Brewitz

I went in to the ER last night after having a fishbone stuck in my throat. After a few short questions Dr Richards deemed me as only having “annoying discomfort”. He hadn’t even looked at my throat before recommending me to an ENT. Probably seeing my dissatisfaction and shock, he explained that he didn’t have a way to look down my throat, because the “scope wasn’t there last time he checked” and “even if he did see the bone he would have no way to retrieve it”. My Mom and I were shocked! My mom said something to the effect of “you haven’t even looked at her” and then he gave a half assed open your mouth and an across the bed distance glance. We went home and used a flashlight and tweezers and got it out! He didn’t even see it but would have had he been looking. Both my Mom and I were severely disappointed. Had we not lived so far away (and were in town) self treatment would have been our first option. Would take a lot for me to trust going here again. I will say though the supporting staff were wonderful.