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600 E Dixie Ave, Leesburg, FL 34748, United States
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Consumer feedback about Leesburg Regional Medical Center

Rating: 4 /5

Shannon Mason

I just went to the urgent care tonight and was very impressed. The staff and Dr. Raj were understanding and took time to listen. Dr Raj recommended a different treatment for a chronic illness I have. I was happy for something new which worked quickly and even gave me medications for the next day. I have had unhappy visits in the past where urgent care ships me to the ER without even examining me. However after this experience I will definitely recommend this urgent care and return again

Rating: 5 /5

D Abraham

Amazing care and service! I highly recommend this urgent care because they owned and operated by the Leesburg hospital. They have caring staff and can run more tests like cat scans and labs which we had done. They also take Medicare. We were very satisfied with the doctors and nurses and will be back!

Rating: 5 /5

Lyle Crafton

Wow, brand new clean facility. No wait when I went there. Staff were terrific and it cost less than the emergency room. Open seven days a week, 8 till 8. If you'll look at the negative reviews, people are posting reviews for the emergency room on this site instead of the main hospital. Although this is run by LRMC it is separate building and NOT an emergency room. Don't use those reviews to judge this facility. Be sure the review speaks of urgent care and not an emergency room. Two different animals.

Rating: 5 /5

Christine Moritz

Both my spouse and I have been to this excellent urgent care.The staff was totally professional and I felt we both received excellent care. I'm a retired RN of 40 years of which 18 were in emergency care so I have first hand knowledge how things are supposed to run in an ER and Urgent Care and the standards were high. My spouse sister and her husband have both been there also and received excellent care. So in this 1 review 4 people have had excellent care.

Rating: 1 /5

Nanci Johnson

My mom was admitted 2 weeks ago with a UTI. 1 they left her in the emergency room for well over 24 hrs. I do understand that because of Hurricane Irma, they were swamped. But the care of my mother was terrible, her confusion (caused by the UTI) got worse as each day passed. I told them that mom needed the strongest antibiotics because her confusion was getting bad day by day. The nurses nor Dr's didn't listen to anything I had to say, until I raised holy cane. The case manager, who was supposed to call me to let me know when my mom would be transfered to the rehabilitation center in Ocala, didn't call me until the last day (yesterday). She continued by upsetting my mom by saying to her that I changed my phone number (I didn't), she told that if they couldn't get any results the hospital would just discharge her. I had to do the case mgrs job and calm mom down at the same time. The heart Center there is wonderful, the hospital staff on the 4th floor itself is horrible.