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Consumer feedback about Lexington Va Medical Center

Verna Felder
Verna Felder

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I feel respected, I am taken seriously when a medical concern arises. The Women's Clinic is excellent. I highly respect my medical personnel in this clinic. I've had better care from the military side than all the civilian care in a life time. The Lexington KY medical center has served me consistently and effectively. Thank you. Another positive benefit for serving this great nation. I would rather "fight than switch" my women's clinic expert.

Shadow Moon
Shadow Moon

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

WOW!!! Where to start. The outside is as good as any I guess.
The landscaping is great. The lawn is always mowed, and bushes and trees always trimmed.
There are designated smoking areas outside, as this is a smoke free facility.
The parking garage is under the hospital.
There are 3 levels to park on. There are lots of handicapp parking spaces on all 3 levels. Also, there are several wheelchairs for you to use if necessary.
There are two elevators that go from the bottom parking level up to the main lobby. There are 3 sets of elevators in the hospital. The parking garage elevators, there are two elevators directly across from the parking garage elevators that go up to other floors, and then there are the tower elevators that go down to the basement, and up to other floors.
The staff at this facility are friendly and pleasant. They all are willing to help
in any way that they can. They are all professionals.
The main lobby is the paradigm of the hospital structure. It's where everything is connected, and branches out to all elevators, and anywhere else you may need to go. Every floor and hallway has directional signs to help point you in the direction(s) you may need to go.
As soon as you step off the parking garage elevators, to your immediate left is The Coffee House. Nothing like a good hot cup of coffee to start your visit off there. Tiffany is the employee working at The Coffee House, and she is a really good worker, and has good people skills working with the public.
The Coffee House also has chilled bottles of soda, and bottled water. They also have a selection of pastries as well.
The lab for blood work is right behind The Coffee House. At the short end of the main lobby hallway is where the chemo lab is for patients that need that for cancer.
At the long end of the main lobby hallway is the pharmacy. Just past the pharmacy around the corner is the tower elevators. The cafeteria is downstairs in the basement. They have a variety of foods, snacks, meals, and drinks that you may purchase. Around the corner just past the cafeteria is the gift shop. It has a wide variety of items that you may purchase. There's everything from cold softdrinks, toys, clothing, snacks, etc. So take your time and shop around.
There are several vending machines placed around the hospital with a variety of cold drinks, and snacks that you may purchase as well.
All waiting rooms have magazines for your reading pleasure, and they also have flat screen televisions for your viewing pleasure.
All restrooms are wheelchair accessible.
There are ladies, mens, family, and unisex restrooms.
The phone number is: 859-233-4511
This review is based and written on my personal experience there.

Brandon from Kentucky
Brandon from Kentucky

1 out of 5 stars

posted 11 hours ago

Me and my wife learned tonight as we walked up to the front by the 2 officers that VA hospital is NOT open to the public. This comes from Officer Akers on 9/14/19. At the VA hospital on UK campus.

Tom Rueff
Tom Rueff

4 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Very caring and helpful. Veterans come first. Best hospital in the region. One of best Veterans hospital in America. I recommend all Veterans to Lexington VA.

Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

Outstanding and timely care from dedicated healthcare pros!