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2.4 Rating 2.4
8 reviews

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  • Short Term Acute Care Rating 2.4
(8 reviews)

Susan Wymola

It’s good to know that even though Cameron is a small town, This Hospital and Clinic offer A1 services. My husband David has visited the Clinic a few times when it was not an option to make a trip to Bryan to see his primary Doc. We get excellent care and positive results with the care from the staff and the PA that treated us. The PA even called to check on David the next day to see how he was feeling. We don’t get that from the primary Physician. Very refreshing!

Rosemary McCammon

You all took really good care of me, ii thank you 5 star ratings here... .. .

Donna Mueck

On May 7, 2018 about 4:30am. I made the worst mistake of my life, I went to the ER & saw Dr Peyton Thompson. What he called a "bug bite" on my abdomen, gave me a pain shot & prescription for antibiotics & sent me home. I made an appointment to actually see my regular at Scott & White at 9am & she immediately sent me to the Scott & White E.R. There I was diagnosed with Necrotizing Fasciitis (flesh eating disease) & they actually told me, it was life threatening & immediately went into surgery to start debridement of the bacteria. I spent 25 days in the hospital with 11 O.R. visits. I'm home now, but will return with another surgery soon to fix the disfigurement that this disease caused. Dr Thompson did not run any tests & barely looked at me & simply said it's a bug bite, take the antibiotics & have a nice day. How can someone be a medical doctor & almost killed me. At least I trusted my gut to go to my regular doctor & get the right care I desperately needed. Dr Thompson doesn't deserve even a 1 star. So disappointed in our little hospital.

John Summers

One star is too much. These people charged me $650 to tell me my son did not need stitches. DO NOT GO TO THEIR ER!!! You should really consider dying at home in peace first. It took them two minutes to tell me the lip was fine, and about twenty minutes filling out insurance papers. My son did not even sit on the ER table. No vitals were taken. No x-ray's. No IV's. No pain medicine given. They should be closed.

Mark M

I would go some place else but I am just sick with flue. It's good for this.