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28062 Baxter Rd, Murrieta, CA 92563, USA
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Consumer feedback about Loma Linda University Medical Center-Murrieta

Rating: 4 /5

Sergey Vinkov

So far it is the best hospital around Hemet area. It looks like a resort. Yes, some personnel was not perfect, but most nurses who worked with my family member were awesome.It was easy to call and ask everything by phone. They were polite and made all appropriate tests to make diagnosis. Comparing with another medical institutions LLUMC Murrieta is an example of excellence.

Rating: 5 /5


Had my first Mammogram here. The woman who did the test was so sweet and walked me through the process. I was scared because I've heard horror stories about mammograms, but it was pain free. She took her time. Never felt rushed. Since breast cancer awareness month, it only cost me $85. Would highly recommend getting your test done here. Front office woman was RUDE and UNPLEASANT. She hates her job...doesn't like people, don't know why she is there.

Rating: 5 /5

Kelly Carpenter

If you’re ever gonna have a baby have it here. The staff is amazing with the babies and the mothers. They take their time and make sure you are very comfortable. The food here is actually great! And they feed you so much! The lactation specialist is wonderful and very helpful. What a great experience over all.

Rating: 2 /5

Francesca King

My 87 year old mother was seen n the ER. The staff were appropriate and helpful; however, their procedure for attending to patients was absolutely awful. It was so terrible I was in disbelief. They had my elderly mother and several other patients in the hallways. There were many available rooms/ vacant yet the patients were being treated and seen in the hallways. Furthermore, the nurse gave my mom lasix to reduce her swelling. My mother needed privacy due to her medical condition. Well, needless to say she had none. She wasn't feeling well due to her heart condition, the lighting was giving her a headache, she wasn't able to control her urine due to the medication they gave her ... and despite her medical issues they had her waiting n the hallway for about five hours. Yes ! She was having toiletting issues in front of an audience. It was absolutely horrific and embarrasing. No medical staff seemed to care. No medical staff seemed to acknowledge that having patients in the hallway was unprofessional, painful, inappropriate and cruel. After the first hour in a wheelchair the hallway, we requested a bed for my mother as she was Uncomfortable and unable to breath due to her congested heart failure; they brought her a bed but she still had to remain in the hallway. It was ridiculous! How could a hospital so big, so modern, have such a poor and inappropriate procedure. So patients are sick - some severely sick - yet they place them in the halls with no privacy as if they are on display. In agony and on display. Everyone can see what's going on with them. Some are sleeping, others throwing up, others having toiletting issues ... and all within view. Very very Unfortunate; one would think that a hospital such as loma linda would have more integrity than to put their patients thru such a humiliating experience. I felt heart broken, ashamed, pitty to see all the vacant rooms yet all the patients suffering out in the halls. I was told the rooms were vacant but not available to all patients- only those who met certain criteria. Wow! Really?! Hm!!!

Rating: 5 /5

Judy Hewitt

I was treated at Loma Linda emergency room back in in September 2017. I have nevermind had such a wonderful experience in a E.R.. when I arrived I was in extreme pain. They took me back to triage, took my vitals and before they even took blood a doctor walked in, examined me, ordered blood tests and an MRI. Next thing I knew the nurse walked in and took my blood and inserted an IV. I have veins that collapse but he had it done before I knew he started. The tech from radiology took me for my MRI. When we were done he took me to the hallway because there were no rooms available. The doctor came by and told me he was waiting for the results and asked me about my pain. I told him it was i told him it was a 10. A few minutes latter a nurse came and gave me a shot. Just as my pain was subsiding the doctor was back. He told me I had diverticulitis explained what it was, what i needed to do and how to avoid another flare up. The nurse came and brought me papers about my condition, a list of all my current medications and 3 new prescriptions. I was there a total of 3 hours. The staff was more then courteous, they made me feel more then comfortable. I felt like they really cared about me. I don't think I have ever dad an experience in a E.R. that they were more attentive to my pain and my needs. I live in Hemet and heard so many horror stories about the E.R. there that's why I thought I would go to Loma Linda. That was the best decision I could have made. I have already recommended the E.R. at Loma Linda Hospital to a few people. Thank you to all the staff that attended me.