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2865 Atlantic Ave Ste 104, Long Beach, CA 90806, USA
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Consumer feedback about Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Marlon Ramos

My teenager son suffered a head and hip injury while skating. I brought him to the ER at Long Beach Memorial just to make sure everything was ok. We came in around 11:00PM and left by 2:00AM. The doctors conducted a very detailed exam of my kid and even held him for observation. The doctors, nurses and staff were amazing. They were very friendly and helpful from the beginning and they would even check up on my kid very often. Although the ER is not my favorite place to get services, my experience with Long Beach Memorial was amazing.

Rating: 4 /5

RJasmine Herrera

I've only experienced Long Beach Memorial from taking my neighbor to go pick up her meds. She would call them in the day before, and the next day I would drive her up to the front door, temporarily park outside by the curb, for less then 5 minutes most of the time, and just like that, she would quickly come out. I always saw 2-3 cars w emergency lights on, or someone waiting inside the cars. If it's going to take more than 5 minutes, you should just find parking. The hospital has first hour free!

Rating: 5 /5

Monica Albillo

I thought I would NEVER use this hospital EVER again, after a VERY poor Labor/Birthing - Stay experience in 2016 But decided to give it another try ( because it's the one hospital where my OB delivers that will do a Bilateral Tubal Ligation 24 hrs after Labor ) .. So straight to the point.. This time around I had a GREAT experience.. I had my Baby Girl Nov 30, 2017.. & needless to say; my Labor nurse went above and beyond for me and my husband. She gave me support, attention & helped me to be comfortable throughout Labor & Delivery.. I am very Happy with the treatment this time around ... KUDOS to Aimee, absolutely Wonderful Nurse😉

Rating: 1 /5

SithLord Jessica

I'm being sent here to get induced, I was given my date a week ahead of time. So my boyfriend asked for a few days off from work to be with me during labor and after to take care of our other 2 children at home. I get a call on the day of my induction that they don't have any room available and that hopefully later on in the day they will. So I wait. I call to see what's going on still no rooms available I ask maybe around when will there be one available since my boyfriend had asked for the day off and I was suppose to go in at 9. By now it's like 2. He could of been at work for a few hours if that was the case. I get told most likely around 7 or 8. So I call again and ask. I get told again no rooms available if I wanna resedual for tomorrow at 9 again (but the possibility of not having a room will be the same) . It's irritating that I get scedualed at a certain time and certain date ahead of time! Plan out who's going to take care of my kids and my boyfriend takes the days off work losing extra days and money we can use . Plus I will not be at work for at least 4 months. And my boyfriend doesn't receive parental leave. Especially now that we are a family of 5 . Then what was the point of having a date to be induced??!! I get other women are already going into labor and arrive to the hospital ready to birth. But tell me then what was the whole point of me being scheduled to be induced ??! It's ridiculous.

Rating: 5 /5

Teddy Alvarez

Very good hospital awsome staff thank you long beach memorial medical center for everything i owened you guys a big one