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Consumer feedback about Longmont United Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

adam case

Went to the hospital for a possible appendicitis. Went in the ER and they asked about my pain level. They said that they would keep me in the hospital for about 3-5 days. The next morning around 4 am, had blood test for White blood cell account test then had an ultrasound..around 6 am, I had a CT Scan with contrast and that diagnosed me with appendicitis and went to immediate day surgery for an appendectomy and then got monitored for about 48 hours and then got released to go home when I was eating and had no side effects of the surgery. The staff, surgeon, nurses, and radiology took great care of me and made sure I would be in less pain and happy while I stayed at the hospital.

Rating: 4 /5

Ryan Allen

Yeah, I like the staff. They all seem friendly and nice. One guy seemed tired and not too talkative, but hey, he probably goes through a lot in a hospital. I feel ya man. There was also another lady who didn't think we were serious about my friends ailment, but that was probably our fault for finding it a little humorous. THEY EVEN OFFERED US WATER, CRACKERS AND STRING CHEESE! And we were just along for the ride! Man, service AND a meal. ¡Jajaja! Their facilities seem great, and well managed. I mean it's a hospital but still, it is taken care of and clean. Doing well here. 😎

Rating: 1 /5

Eric Bellamy

My doctor faxed an order to the hospital for my daughter's Pulmonary function test. When I called the hospital a week later to check on making an appointment, they told me the order was wrong so they couldn't make the appointment. NO ONE CALLED TO TELL ME THAT! They just let it sit. So I got the order corrected and resent and they called me and we made an appointment for a week later. The day of the test they called me to tell me that they don't test children her age! Terrible customer service. I can't wait for the new hospital.

Rating: 5 /5

Cindy Gonzalez

The paramedics nurses and doctors are amazing here. All of them treat me so well and have great customer service. The main person that has the most amazing customer service I know in this hospital is Jean from medical records she is amazing and full of life,she is a breath of fresh air. Probably the coolest and sweetest person I have met in Longmont.

Rating: 1 /5

Tank Effect

Absolutely terrible experience