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Consumer feedback about Los Robles Hospital &Amp; Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Eric Plotts

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE! This is, by far the worst hospital I have ever been to. The staff is rude, outside of the administrations lady, the RN and the RN's assistant. The triage nurses are extremely rude and have horrible personalities. That's not why I'm here though. On January 17 at about 6 pm I went in because I had a 100.4 fever and had been vomiting earlier in the day. With all of the news on the flu I figured I'd go get checked out, I have insurance. So I went in, they took me to a bed, I sat there for half an hour, then a nurse tried to give me an IV. I declined and explained I had been holding fluids and food down just fine for the last 5-6 hours. Then another nurse wanted to do a urine test. I declined that as well. They took my temperature and listened to my lungs. After all of this, and the news about the flu, they didn't even give me a flu swab. Wasn't even offered one, yet an IV and urine test was offered. It was apparent they were trying to bill me for whatever they could. Anyhow, I leave the hospital with less faith in our medical institutions then I had when I arrived, feeling like it was a waste of time and regretting going. Well here it is a month later and I receive a bill for $920.49. This is after what my insurance covered. My total bill was over $1,700! I was there for maybe an hour and got my temperature taken and a stethoscope to listen to my lungs. They are crooks that are able to rob people legally. Their legal gangsters. "Yeah we're not gonna tell you are up front costs, but we'll send you a bill that you have to pay. And no we wont break your legs, we'll just destroy your credit if you don't pay it." HOW IS THIS LEGAL???

Rating: 1 /5

Lone Wolf

Los Robles Hospital discharged my husband with stage 4 metastatic cancer that they MISSED. Despite X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans and a colonoscopy, a 4cm tumour was missed by every single doctor involved. How do you look directly at a tumour and not know it??? No less than FIVE doctors at Los Robles saw his scans, and not one of them noticed a 4cm tumour in the colon or the 2cm tumour on his spleen, or the smaller mets surrounding the colon?? REALLY??? The doctor with the scope who said his bowel was "all clear" didn't see the tumour directly in the path of said scope??? Had he not fallen down when getting discharged, he would be sitting at home with me right now, completely unaware of the cancer that has metastasized from the colon to four other areas inside his body. All due to Los Robles "MISSING" this cancer that is now so far advanced that the doctors there now say it is incurable. We also discovered that his pathology results came back FOUR DAYS BEFORE ANYONE TOLD HIM ANYTHING. So, we have the fact that 1) Not a single one of the doctors there could recognize TUMOURS when they saw them, and we have the fact that 2) when they cut out one tumour they left all the others in there, then we have the fact that 3) not a single doctor thought to tell him the pathology was back until 4 days later, and we have the fact that 4) when the oncologist informed him - finally - about his cancer, he neglected to mention it is stage 4 and "incurable", yet this very doctor wrote that information on his pathology results! Luckily, another doctor saw that and told us. It was a crushing blow to both of us. And, of course, NO ONE called me, not once, to inform me that his pathology had come back, despite telling me they would "put it in his chart" that I was to be called IMMEDIATELY when any pathology came back. They did not contact his son or daughter, either. So, Los Robles discharges patients with stage 4 cancer, misses tumours that are staring them in the face, does not tell a patient when his pathology results had come back, and does not call ANY of the next of kin with any news of results, or for anything else, come back. I was at the hospital yesterday and was told that his oncologist would call me today. As I expected, no one called. Is this really a hospital? Are the people working there really medical professionals? I have to question these things because this is NOT how a responsible medical centre operates. This is how a slice-and-dice, bottom of the barrel, low-rent butcher shop operates. We will not be allowing anyone else at Los Robles to lay one finger on him and will be taking him elsewhere so that he can get REAL, PROFESSIONAL care. I feel it is important to mention once more that LOS ROBLES SENT MY HUSBAND HOME WITH STAGE FOUR CANCER THEY FAILED TO DETECT. Had he not taken a spill while getting into the cab to go home, and an ER doctor spotted "a shadow" on some imaging taken to ensure he had not broken anything, he would, as I write this, be sitting at home with me totally unaware of what is going on inside his body. He would be sitting here DYING, all because of Los Robles doctors not being able to read TUMOURS on an image.

Rating: 5 /5

Tanja Karlsson

I got cared for very well when I got injured and had to go to emergency in the middle of the night. Got to see a nurse and a doctor right away. No waiting time and the staff were really nice and careing. It's truly a nightmare to have to go to hospital when you are a foreigner on a vacation but the staff made it easier.

Rating: 1 /5

Richard Armijo

Terrible. Went to this place with a cut on my hand. Was told to go to the emergency room by the reception. 7 stitches cost me over $4,000 with $3,200 for simply walking into the ER and have someone assigned to work on my hand. Another $1,300 for the actual work. No one told me how much this would be before they started working. If they had, I would have left. Will never come to this "hospital" again. Hospitals are suppose to help people, not steal our money by having charges that are totally ridiculous........ Stay away!!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Lone Wolf

Absolutely awful communication skills on the parts of the nurses and doctors here. My husband went in with a bowel obstruction. The ONLY staffer with an ounce of smarts or kindness is Danielle, who told me he was obstructed. Then she called me back to let me know he had partially passed the obstruction and had a colonoscopy the following day. I thank her for being diligent and caring, as well as very polite and understanding. Sad to say, that was the last time I got to deal with someone who actually cared and knew what the hell they were talking about. You have a real gem in Danielle, but your others.....HORRIBLE! The next day, another "nurse" told me he had passed the obstruction completely and when they did the colonoscopy, and I am directly quoting her, "The doctor didn't see anything, so he's fine and will be discharged tomorrow". He was discharged. Due to no one even thinking of giving him some physical therapy after almost a week in bed, he fell when they shoved him out the door. The next call I get is yet another "nurse" telling me he has been re-admitted and has an NG tube back in BECAUSE OF AN OBSTRUCTION FOUND ON IMAGING NO ONE EVEN TOLD ME HE HAD DONE!!! Yet, you discharged him? A "doctor" I spoke to, who was talking to me and someone else in the room at the same time - very unprofessional - then proceeded to tell me he had an obstruction in the same exact place as the one he was admitted for the first time! I told her what I had been told about the colonoscopy showing the way was CLEAR and that "the doctor saw nothing", and she said "Well, this is a tissue mass". Ok, so this tissue mass magically showed up overnight after a colonoscopy showed "nothing"?!? Her literal answer was "Well, I don't know what to say about that". REALLY??? Did you get your medical degree out of a bubblegum machine?!? She then proceeds to tell me - ever so nonchalantly - "When it's tissue like this one it's usually cancer but I don't know when he'll have his surgery". So now he's having surgery for what is "usually" cancer and none of you thought to call his next of kin??? I had to speak to three different people before they even got this supposed "doctor" to speak to me. It was compounded by the fact that one gave me the supposed phone number of the "nurse" I needed to speak to and the number she gave me is NOT IN SERVICE. When I called her back to tell her that, she was speaking to the nurse I had to speak to right there next to her and she couldn't HAND HER THE PHONE?!? Are you kidding me?? So inside one week, we went from: obstructed, cleared, scoped, discharged, re-admitted, obstructed by tissue (you know, after the doctor saw "nothing" on the colonoscopy) and now he probably has cancer??? In literally 3 days time we went from "He's fine, he's discharged" (also which no one called me to tell me), to "Yeah, he probably has cancer" (Information that was like pulling teeth to get). Are these people really licensed to practice? I wonder what the kill rate of this hospital is. I'd bet it's a high number. My husband will NOT be added to your fatalities, Los Robles. If I do not get some straight info asap, our attorney will be calling for me. Ah yes, and then there's the other "doctor" who told me to call him and that it was "very important". I called him and the automaton would only let me leave a voicemail. I left one and he NEVER CALLED ME BACK! What is wrong with this place and these people??? This is insane! They just do not care about lives or compassion or truth. AT ALL. I am disgusted with this place and am seeking out better care before one of the thinktank kills my husband. I am getting nothing but the run-around and bogus information from the travelling "staff" at Los Robles and if I have to get litigious, I am fine with that. We have enough ammo, especially after one of the "nurses" CUT HIM INSIDE HIS PENIS jamming in a catheter into him that even the LR care staff (you know, the phone number EVERY reply here says to call) said was the wrong size! Disgusting.