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601 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102, USA
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Consumer feedback about Lovelace Medical Center

Rating: 4 /5

Ira Cooper

4 hours in the waiting room and they're not busy...just claiming a short crew. Promised to see us quickly when the next crew came on...its been an hour and fifteen since the promise. No action, no updates, no checking on us. Said we were third in line 90 minutes ago. The waiting room has seriously deteriorated. FIVE hours before taken back. Can it be done better? That being said, care once you get in is really great. Compassionate, efficient, patient (no pun) skilled and professional. So there must be some corporate decisions lacking in how the waiting room is managed. It's a shame to have that ER waiting room as the first line of experience. Gotta add stars for the care. Can't base it on the waiting room. But what an awful place that waiting room is.

Rating: 2 /5


I absolutely love coming to this ER. They are fast and there are never have homeless hanging out in the waiting area. Today though I dropped my teen kids off at the entrance to sign in while I went to park. I parked and went in my teen kids signaled me to go to the check in cubicle. I told the girl behind the desk (Jacklyn) my kids had just checked in and I stated my kids name. She said very rudely "Are you the mother?" I replied" yes ma'am. She continued with I need to see your ID.I nicely placed it in the metal tray between us. My Id clearly states name date of birth and address. She throws the Id back to me on the grey metal tray between us. She asks me for my name again. My address. My date of birth. My phone number. My social security number. Never at any time did she ask for my kids insurance or ss#. She was Extremely rude towards me. I walk towards my kids and ask them what did they tell you. My kid said Jacklyn was really rude towards them when my Kids filled out the sign-in-sheet with name and chief concerns they handed it to Jaclyn and she told them in a mean and arrogant tone of voice "How old are you?" My teen kid told her 17 and she said where's your mother parking she'll be right her. Jacklyn told them we'll see! and snatched the paper from the tray. I'm not sure if she was having a bad day or hates her job. Clearly she is unprofessional and does not know how to treat patients . she's the 1st person people come in contact with she should try and be a lot more courteous or find a job behind the scenes where she won't have to make contact with people. Not a people person. Very disappointed!

Rating: 3 /5

Maxine Wilson

Great teamwork by a caring emergency staff when my husband was taken to ER in critical condition. Rebecca and Jocelyn were immeasurably caring and expert nurses. And I had the fortune to have good followup care. Sadly, though, this hospital has a communication problem, though. Otherwise thoroughly satisfied.

Rating: 1 /5

Deanna Sandman

Worse doctor and nurse ever. They delay the discharge schedule. When you try to voice your input they don't want to hear you out. We had to keep asking for supplies. I do not recommend this place. UNM or Presbyterian is way better and friendlier.

Rating: 5 /5

Pam Sims

Super great! Everyone helpful and courteous. Realize getting accurate diagnosis takes tests and time.Realistic expectations that it’s not a tv show and normal everyday people are doing their best. Clean facility. No complaints:)