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224 NW Crane Ave, Madison, FL 32340, USA
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Consumer feedback about Madison County Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Michael Conners

Horrible place to go to if your in need of help. I took my mother to the ER she's 80 years old and she was in pain. When we got to the hospital there was no one waiting in the ER we were the only one's there and we sat for three hours before she was seen buy a practitioner they need to find real doctors and not practitioner's . Your better off going to Tallahassee or Thomasville

Rating: 1 /5

Ervin Hanners

I was sent to Madison County memorial by my doctor and I have waited for a room for seven hours and I have yet to get a room this hospital is nothing more than a bandage station.

Rating: 1 /5

Kathy Pence

If I could use a 0 rating that would be too kind for the horrible treatment I personally received in this ER and inpatient over the 2016 Christmas season. THERE IS NO DOCTOR ON STAFF AT THIS FACILITY,. There are 3 shining stars in this dark morass of ineptitude. SHIRLEY, a nurse on the 2nd floor. This beautiful lady was my only ally during my nightmare in this facility. The respiratory therapist with longer brown hair and also head of respiratory therapy (a man). These 2 people were very competent and knew what they were doing. The lady who kept my room clean, who cared if I got the one shower I had. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. BEWARE...this "hospital" has NO DOCTOR ON STAFF. This team is led by a CNP. L.S. No of the cruelest, viscous, horrible non humans I've ever met..and I've spent my life around people. The incredible, nasty, words, actions and treatment she dealt out was laughable if I wouldn't have been so afraid, and being a stranger just visiting for Christmas, I had no choice. I had bacterial pneumonia. I could fill pages with my blow by blow account of my experiences suffered at this place. Please, please go to Live Oak Hospital owned partly by Shands. They have 1 Doctor on staff. It's comical that the people if N. Central Florida settle for this lack of medical professionals. The perfect solution if you are stuck in this area IS DO NOT GET SICK.,DO NOT EXPECT MINIMAL CARE. STAY HOME.

Rating: 1 /5

Brenton malone

They are so slow. Go for something minor and will be there for hours I mean hours

Rating: 3 /5

Joshua Everhart

Went to the ER because my 2 year old daughter had fallen and needed stitches. Now the 3 stars is because of my overall experience. The nurses and the nurse practitioner were wonderful and I could not have been any happier with the care my daughter received. (5 stars just for them) But... other than that. The receptionist was ok she typed 1 word a minute and they asked us to sit and they would see us ASAP. I have done triage before and although not bad a bleeding head wound from a toddler got high priority. But I think it was because the receptionist was slow with paperwork. While waiting there was other people in the waiting room and even though the door to the ER was locked all anyone needed to do is knock and you could get in without any questions. Although it's not a big deal where I'm from that is extremely dangerous. When we left we were warned that we need to call and make sure they bill our insurance on time because sometimes they take so long that the insurance will not cover it because they waited to long. When we went to get the stitches removed again the nurse and actual care we received was great but the the receptionist (which was a different one) barely spoke English and made check it confusing but she was nice.