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101 Hospital Dr, Magnolia, AR 71753, USA
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Consumer feedback about Magnolia Hospital

Rating: 2 /5

Jennifer Chambers

I've actually had several bad experiences with this hospital, and only ONE good one. First of all, I had a hysterectomy done in Shreveport & later suffered a spinal headache, which Magnolia hospital refused to treat (after making me wait in the waiting room in excruciating pain for hours). Then I took my son in for a sunburn, and they allowed him to scream in pain in the waiting room for and HOUR, then for another hour in the exam room. Only to have this smug doctor come in, BARELY glance at him and then say "put some Neosporin on it". I was FURIOUS. The only good thing that came out of that visit, was a prescription for Tylenol with codeine that at least helped him sleep. But Neosporin??? On a 2nd degree burn??? These people are idiots. The ONLY good experience I had was when my daughter was diagnosed with appendicitis. She was treated well, and surgery was a success. That's the only reason they got a second star.

Rating: 1 /5

Michael Rudd

Actual Rating: -5 One of the most unprofessional facility and staff I have ever experienced. I had a procedure done in Texarkana on Tuesday. Here it is Thursday, I'm having allergic symptom and the damn doctor (Cowan- name on checkout sheet) ask me why didn't I go back there to Texarkana ER? After dismissing that,,, smile,,, Breath... I told him of my allergic reactions, and in his 20 years of practice, he never heard of such... this drug doesn't cause such symptoms... so i showed him all symptoms I had experienced, from the drug manufacturer printout from the pharmacy . His (Dr Cowan) real bedside manner came out. Standing in the doorway in an aggressive manner. Doctor exit, never to be seen again. Blood work, EKG, X-ray ... Next thing I know, nurse (bad attitude also) giving me new antibiotic script, not able to answer any question... just want a signature. Ask for test results, said all was alright... yet on the checkout sheet, indicates reading will be done in the morning by the radiologist. I proceed to checkout and got rude experience there... OVERALL... BAD EXPERIENCE Would not recommend!!!!! CORRECTION: The EKG Tech, X-Ray Tech and Phlebotomist were great, professional and compassionate people. All others SUCK

Rating: 1 /5

Maria Wilson

The hospital is unprofessional. My daughter went in for stomach pains and with a knot you can see it. The doctor told her to see her regular doctor and gave us our discharge papers. I should have took my daughter to Eldorado they are a LOT more professional and they care for their patients. Anyway, she saw her regular doctor and he order an ultrasound found in alarming things but she is doing better. Thanks to her docyor.

Rating: 1 /5

Edna Brown

I have never gone into a hospital hurting and came back out hurting. Very disappointed in the service I got last night. They took some blood and I peed in a cup. Said I needed to drink more water. I agree. But when I get home and there's blood in my pee, that's when I wonder why the nurses and drs are even there. They didn't do anything to help me at all. I had Dr. Dixson and he completely ignored me last night. Very rude.

Rating: 1 /5

Tiffany Manning

Well... took my at the time 1 year old daughter for extremely high fever... we sat in the waiting area with only 2 other people there for 1 hour... and then waiting in the back for nearly 3... at the bottom of the last hour doc enters asks some questions and leaves.. then we wait another hour only for him to come back in and say they're switching shifts and another doc would start all over again.. I expressed my concerns to the nurse she then went and told the doctor and both the doc and nurse came back in and the doctor says: You gotta problem with me?? You gotta problem with me?? All the while his face was red as a firecracker and the nurse standing in the back like the "yeah" man you see in old movies... I've never seen such unprofessionalism in my life!!!(Dallas) This hospital is a joke... Go to TK if you think you can make it... chances of living and being treated like a human being will shoot through the roof