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Consumer feedback about Maple Grove Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

zipora maingi

I had a motor vehicle accident last year December, I was not feeling bad or pain at all but because I have never been to any hospital except for child birth, I was not feeling like like checking in. But my husband and my brother begged me to come to this hospital in the ER and get checked out. Trust me, the wait here is not that long. I know a couple of hospitals that you wait for 6hours, in this hospital, the maximum I guess is 3 hours, so this is not bad at all. But for me I didn't even wait for 2 hours, I think after 1 hour I was in. Everything was done quickly, all my tests. Everything was normal. The NP was excellent and professional. But anyways...this hospital is full of nice staff and compassionate staff. I recommend Maple Grove hospital to everyone who need medical care.

Rating: 5 /5

Will Larson

Being new to the area and having to find a place to have an appendectomy performed, I felt comfortable about the quality of care and service I was given. My nurses and surgeons took care of me relatively quick, and were knowledgeable as far as letting me know about what I would experience. This was my first surgery in my life, and I knew I was in good hands. Looks like a brand new facility from the outside, inside just as well.

Rating: 5 /5

Tajudin Mohamed

Best hospital, best doctors and best nurses. We just had our little one last week in Maple Grove Hospital, it's the best hospital anyone could ask for to have their baby in. I don't know how to thank them for their great service. Dr. Hallstrom was our doctor, she's the best doctor to trust for your pregnancy and delivery, she's beyond amazing. And moreover, their nurses are the most helpful, goodhearted and gentle nurses ever especially Margaret S. RN and Alyssa RN are the best we were lucky to have them as our nurses. Thank you so very much for all your help! I highly recommend Maple Grove Hospital if you ever needed to go to one.

Rating: 1 /5

Katie Smith

My experience was great up until their discharge instructions almost killed my new baby. Beware, on the discharge instructions they tell breastfeeding mom’s to feed the baby vitamin D3/D-VI-SOL. However, there is no warning that this can cause some babies to have a severe reaction even cardiac arrest. Thank God we only gave our infant ½ the dose they instructed or I have no doubt my baby would have died. Instead, after feeding him the vitamin he immediately started foaming at the mouth, his eyes rolled back, turned bright red, his tongue swelled up, and he couldn’t breathe. One of the nurses in the ER confirmed that his baby had a similar reaction to vitamin D. I contacted a patient advocate and asked them to work with us on the $500+ ER bill we incurred, as we wouldn’t have known to feed this vitamin to our baby had the hospital not instructed us to do so. They would not help. I also asked for the hospital to at least then put a disclaimer on the discharge instructions. They would not. They blew off my concerns and explained that “none of the studies showed significant risk for harm and no cardiac risks with vitamin D”. You take 2 seconds to google this online and you find plenty of other parents had infants that reacted badly. Sadly, we wouldn’t have known to question discharge instructions from a hospital and so had to go through the experience of our baby nearly dying. I hope that this review saves other parents from having to live through this incredible horrifying trauma.

Rating: 1 /5

Jacob Selseth

We had our baby boy on the 28th. Delivery went just fine. We wanted to have our boy circumcised before leaving hospital. Pediatrician recommended we do it outpatient. Better for baby he said. We come the find out they no longer offered circumcision in hospital and his suggestion was simply covering hospital admin tracks for laying off doctors that performed service. That sadly led us to dealing with our insurance company most of that day in hospital trying to schedule a outpatient appointment. Since end of year, large deductible, and nicer to have done sooner than later we drove from hospital to Champlain Park in snow storm with our 8 and 7 year old boys to get procedure done. Nightmare. Our boy is wonderful though. Very bad experience. They should know better. Oh and no towels in bathroom so wife dried off with a sheet after taking shower post delivery. Seriously. I guess towels were in a drawer on other side of room.