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3.5 out of 5 stars

Steve Bono
Steve Bono

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

When you are ill or injured and defenseless, you aren’t thinking about protecting your belongings. The ambulance and hospital people who are supposed to care for you can easily take advantage of your vulnerability.

I’m posting this message because the people who were assigned to help my wife took advantage of her condition to rob me of my belongings.

Here is her experience.

She fell and badly broke my foot and hit her head. The pain was so intense that she was barely conscious. Our daughter called 911 and an ambulance came and took her to Marin General Hospital. Of course they gave her strong painkillers that knocked me out. When she woke up hours later the jewelry that she had been wearing was gone.

For a long time after we pressed the hospital and ambulance company to tell us who was supposed to look after my belongings. We asked them to look at security tapes to see if they could find my jewelry. They were both very unresponsive. The hospital pointed their finger at the ambulance company. The ambulance company blamed the hospital.

So she filed a police report but the officers had no luck with them either. They told her this was an issue that had been going on a long time.

She lost a diamond cross that was expensive and had great sentimental value too since it was my wedding present. It was a unique piece and irreplaceable. Now it’s gone forever.

Shouldn’t the Marin General do more to protect its patients? When patients come into the emergency room who is looking after their belongings? Why can’t security do their job right?

We wanted to share this as a warning. Be careful. It could happen to you too.

Mama Delish
Mama Delish

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

No pt. info update from ER docs and Ortho in computer chart. Ortho never came to give update. Some nurses did not know what as wrong so we had to tell him the info even tho they are suppose to give pt. info each change of shift.
Some nurses were okay but overall not a good experience at all.

Jamie L
Jamie L

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Lots of staff issues at this hospital.
Nursing with nursing union picketing in the Carpark due to poor health care conditions and bad pay to staff.

Bad Company HSS security to work for that are contracted to do the Security at the hospital.
Especially a Denver CO security based company.
Time wasters.
I had my time wasted on three separate interviews for the Security Facility Supervisor position, at Marin General Hospital. CA
Got excepted for the position by the Old Security Facility Supervisor Lewis who was retiring.

Then I was brought back to the hospital to be interviewed by HSS Senior Management George and Issac. Who excepted me for the position.

Then was dragged back to the hospital a third time to interview with Senior Hospital Management Julie and Security Manager Jeff of the Marin General Hospital.
Was disrespected as a Disabled veteran by Marin General Hospital Security Manager Jeff in the interview asking inappropriate questions about my Disability.

1hr traveling time each way.
I wasted a total traveling of 6hrs for all three interviews.
What a joke.

Longest onboarding 20 to 25 days ever for any company to work for. Ridiculous
I can see why that cannot get good staff.
They will give you big load of BS.

Unprofessional and unethical Company.
They contract with clients that allow discriminatory practices.
And they don't have a clue of proper security practices in CO and CA. Online trained staff.
No proper hands on practical training.

Unsafe work practices and some other issues for a company.
Just read the company reviews.

Lots of dissension in the ranks.
Under paid, poor security supervision and training. Illqualified training and commanding of staff.
Poor leadership.

María Adela Salerni
María Adela Salerni

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Absolutely is an excelente hospital, I Arrived in ambulance becouse I couldn’t move , my pain was in the scale 1 To 10 more than 12, well everybody in ER were excelent, help me with the pain,Took X rays, blood samples, they try so hard To Make me Feel good, increíble, prepare me to be operated the dame day, until Dr E. Dailey came and explain me my trocantheric fémur fracture, that she was Going to operate me at 5:00 pm, so she did, by 8:00 pm I was out, my 2 days in the hospital were full of experience staff ,excelent nurses, food was good, I want it to congratule everybody at the hospital

hoonaz bastanmehr
hoonaz bastanmehr

5 out of 5 stars

posted 10 months ago

I been here twice for tha last month and i cant really explain how wonderful were all the staff here. Super nice , super caring the doctors are the best nurses so helpful. Everyone treat you with the smile here. Love love love it.

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