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About Martin County Hospital District

Martin County Hospital District is a rural hospital located in the heart of West Texas. The inception of Martin County Hospital District was in 1949.
The facility is a critical access hospital with a 24-hour emergency department. Therapy services include physical, occupational, and speech therapy services for either inpatients, swing bed patients or outpatients. Additionally, other hospital services include diagnostic imaging services, laboratory services, pain management, and wellness center.

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Emergency Services
  • Emergency Department
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Hospital Type
  • Critical Access Hospitals
Control Type
  • Governmental Hospital District
Subprovider Units
  • Swing Beds
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$22,435,202 Rating 1.2
(16 reviews)

Selina G

Do NOT under ANY circumstance go to Martin County Hospital. My husband went in with severe abdominal pain and staff did nothing to help or do any tests, scans or offer ANY assistance. They told him he had gastro and even then offered no help, medication or suggestions. That night his appendix ruptured badly, he was in and out of hospital for over a month due to their lack of care. Every doctor since has told us that a simple scan of his abdomen would have diagnosed his inflamed appendix instantly. Drive the extra distance and go to Midland Memorial Hospital.

Jared K

First off, I have had good experiences with Martin County Hospital. However, this poor review is a report for the treatment I received at the Pain Mgmt Group. I was seen by Keith Gist, a CRNA, and although he was nice and took time to understand my back issue, his staff explicitly told me he was an anesthesiologist. His credentials are slightly above an RN, hence the "RN" in "CRNA". I do not appreciate being seen by a nurse and having a nurse make physician level calls and poking around in my spine. The procedure was extremely painful because I was not sedated. At other pain management practices they will sedate you. It is dangerous to undergo a steroid shot in your spine without sedation because you cannot move. The pain was so high, that I wasn't completely able to control my grunting and clinching on the table. The shot makes your symptoms (pain) much higher for about 5 days after the procedure. He does not prescribe medication to help (I'm assuming that's because he is only a nurse (not a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant, who typically has appropriate licensing to prescribe medication). My pain is actually worse now. Because there is no sedation during the procedure and the pain is so high once the epidural medication is injected, it poses great risks to the patient if one jolts. The patient can very easily end up with something more serious, like paralysis. It is a negligent way of practicing medicine. This review was intended to provide my experience, opinions, and serve a benefit to the reader who is considering the Martin County Hospital Pain Management Clinic to receive spinal injection treatment(s).

Anna Soto

Great staff.... Definitely recommend

angelica salgado

There is a LOT of nepotism in this hospital. It's unbelievable how not a single person has addressed this yet. It's ridiculous & unethical and someone needs to come forward and take care of this matter.

Michael S

They will tell you there are no copays for receiving physical therapy, and you will receive bills totalling over $900 months later. When you call billing to resolve it, be aware that other than Rochelle, the billing staff is inept and won't even bother to return your phone calls.