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5777 E Mayo Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85054, USA
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Consumer feedback about Mayo Clinic Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Kurt Geisler

There is no where better in the USA. I was diagnosed in 2015 with stage 4 Head and Neck Cancer. I moved to Houston Texas to be treated at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Although I think the skills are definitely there, the organization is horrible. I had to basically manage my own patient care. The difference between the MD Anderson and Mayo Clinic facilities is night and day. I loved the Mayo and all of the people there. Everything was so organized and professional. I always felt safe and that I was getting the best care possible. I am sad this year my insurance will not cover me there. If possible I would be back there in a heart beat. Do not worry about a couple of bad reviews you may see here. Satisfied people such as me rarely leave reviews but upset people go out of their way. You can see the good reviews far outweigh the bad ones.

Rating: 5 /5

Megan Smart

I had visited multiple doctors around the valley and no one listened. Every one of them looked at me like I was crazy and just gave me band-aid fixes. Over a month of going through serious pain and my husband decided to bring me to Mayo. I arrived to the ER at 8am and was treated with tremendous respect. They listened to every concern I had and I had a proper Diagnosis in just under 4.5 hours. Doctor Chandler MD, Edmund L was fantastic as well as Tracy Lynn the nurse. Everyone was really friendly and personable. I would highly recommend Mayo to anyone in need of amazing quality care.

Rating: 1 /5

Bee Giamanco

Mayo Clinic is a scam. I've had two loved ones reach out for help and after weeks of miscommunication and wrong info they were both told Mayo didn't know how to treat them or where to put them. Waste of time. Be very careful with what the reps say. We were told that the current insurance had to be cancelled and that it would have to be paid out of pocket. Then we were told that it couldn't be paid out of pocket and that patients had to have specific insurance. Then we were told that it could be paid out of pocket and the original insurance did not need to be cancelled. Worthless. They shouldn't be allowed to even market themselves as practicing and specializing in treating difficult cases.

Rating: 1 /5

Buddy Flint

I used Mayo until I turned 65 and liked the doctors. Mayo over tests and over charges for testing. We all think the tests are necessary but sometimes the doctor doesn't even know what the tests are for. The over testing creates extra deductible. Both my wif and I had tests we thought were covered. They were but mayo charges sometimes 3x the amount so patient is stuck with a grand or 2 in bills. We went on auto pay $50 a month to pay off. Our credit card was compromised and we were issued a new one. Instead of contacting us about the payment not going through they turned our bill into collections. We are finished with Mayo. I can't believe they receive tax exempt status.

Rating: 5 /5

Alethia for Christ

Of course nobody wishes to be at a hospital, whether it’s your own emergency or visiting another’s. Unfortunately we had to pay the e.r. a visit recently. It was the early A.M. hours. You can tell a lot of the staff was tired, but they did a great job taking care of everything and promptly. I’m usually really good about remembering names and departments and things like that, but being there in the middle of the night was so unexpected and I had to bring my two little ones. Staff was very attentive, very compassionate, understanding and really helped make things comfortable. Clean hospital, rooms, bathrooms. It was quiet until the sun came up and then it was like senior citizen city lol I thought it was cute. Good to see so many people taking care of themselves. Cafeteria was well put together. Lots of traffic thru that area. Overall, we were very thankful for our services and to all nurses, staff, doctors who helped us, so Thank you Mayo Clinic Hospital! We greatly appreciate your services to us and to all.