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2000 N Boise Ave, Loveland, CO 80538, USA
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Consumer feedback about Mckee Medical Center

Rating: 2 /5

Cameron Travis

Horrible service. We were in the er for over 12 hours. Never notified of changes or what was happening unless we asked and then it was as if we were inconveniencing them. The monitor would be going off for over half an hour before someone would come and check and turn it off. It was the worst trip to an ED I have ever seen.

Rating: 1 /5

Cool Beans

We have lived in Loveland for 16 years and have been to Mckee many times. My son was born there. We now avoid McKee Medical Center. They have great care, and we have major medical through UHC, however there is always money left owed after insurance and they always send our account to collections so quickly. Their collection agents is a company called PFC Collects in Greeley who is a very very aggressive collector. I don't understand this practice by McKee. They may collect more at times, but they are hiring what amounts to highly aggressive collection agents to go after their patients who are trying to pay. In the end I think they lose so much more in insurance paid due to people avoiding their hospital just to avoid PFC and these collection practices. We won't go back.

Rating: 5 /5

isabel becerril

Hello my name is Isabel my mom was taken to McKee hospital she was in the 2nd floor the nurses and the doctors where so helpful and great. I got to stay by my my mother's side 24/7. To every nurse, doctor and the housekeeping I would like to say thank you for all your help. After being thin the 2nd floor for week we where taken to the 3rd floor to hospices and the ladies their are angels i will never forget them. Thank you to every person that help my mother be constable on her last days.....Thank you all

Rating: 1 /5

Douglas Aeling

Care is adequate, but the ER charges are outrageous bordering on criminal. My wife went in with what she thought was a broken ankle. They took some x-rays, told her it wasn't broken, and sent her home. I was expecting a bill of several hundred, but in fact it was $2300. That's right, $2300 to be told your ankle isn't broken. No surgery, no cast, no stitches, no treatment of any kind really. Despite repeated requests, they refused to negotiate a reasonable amount citing our insurance coverage. What they fail (or simply don't care) to understand is that our insurance DOESN'T PAY A DIME because we haven't hit our deductible, so that entire amount is on us. How's this for irony: if you don't have insurance (in violation of the law by the way), they'll negotiate with you. But if you follow the law and have insurance, they can charge you any ridiculously inflated amount, and hold you accountable for every last penny, even if your insurance pays NOTHING! They have no concern for special cases, and no sense of fairness or common sense regarding the price of care as it relates to the services actually delivered. This is the last time I will use this ER, and I encourage anyone with high deductible health insurance to avoid it as well.

Rating: 1 /5

Michelle Luckey

The staff here is good, but the billing department is a complete joke. They submitted an ER claim incorrectly to our insurance company so it was denied. After spending roughly 25 hours on the phone with my insurance company and their billing team (who basically kept recommending I call anyone but them) it was finally determined that the claim had to be resubmitted. That was done and my insurance company paid in full with the exception of 150.00. I had made payments totaling 400 dollars to avoid collections during this long and painful process. They finally refunded me 16 dollars with no explanation as to where the rest of my money went. They also double billed us another part of the ER visit (the physician) and took months to refund that money as well. In the future I will make the drive to Fort Collins or out to MCR for my emergency issues. Completely disgusted with them.