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Need your medical records from Mcleod Medical Center – Dillon?


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25 reviews

Rick Sanderson

I was there last night. 9-26-19. I went in with a dislocated shoulder. It took 45 minutes to get to triage. I was in SEVERE pain. The triage nurse even observed the dislocation and saw the ball of my shoulder sticking out of my back. My BP was 217 over 134 and yet I still was sent to the lobby to wait for an hour and 45 minutes in intense pain. When we questioned it, I was taken to the back to sign a release form before I could leave.

Terry Morris

My son went there on 9-15-2019 with kidney stones he waited several hours hurting and crawling around on floor with pain they still haven't seen him and told him we check Temp and sent him back out front really in pain and he waited couple more hours still not seen.staff said they don't know when he would be seen so he left hospital in pain and couldn't pee at all .all I say Dillon county hospital sucks and they should close it down.No body in this county likes it there now cause of the way they have been treating people over the last few years

giathegoodwitch .

Overall a decent experience...2.5 stars I am delivering Feedbac as a patient whose uncle opened all the Family Practice Centers connected to Shands / UF...a top research hospital here in the United States, whose grandfather from the other side of my family invented Profibe at the same hospital, a mother who ran AASK...trial for African American Study for hypertension and kidney disease at the same hospital and whose other grandfather opened up the radiology programs for both campuses at Valencia Community Colleges in Orlando, Fl. I am stating this so my feedback gets taken seriously...I was raised with a broad4 understanding of medical practice...I myself am an energy healer, reiki practioner, and minister / "priestess" with a doctorate in Metaphysics. Positive Reinforcement: My intake nurse reassured me the reason other people were coming in after me yet getting seen before me was because I needed a more complex work up and a room was coming open soon...I figured that was the case, but it was wonderful reassurance. The staff looked immediately into the worst case scenario and found out through the process it was less severe and treated my condition with efficiency. I find that even the ER hashthe potential to be a reflection of my personal standards. Constructive Criticism: Please offer patients with high anxiety to needles something to calm them down and give the patient a would make the staff's job easier and put the patient at greater rest. I understand the war on opiates and anti-anxiety medications but the ER is not a rehab is for emergencies and those medications are for that. The left side of my entire face was swollen and I have a substantial infection... I also have chronic health and pain issues I deal with organically / holistically as much as possible so when I go into an ER situation, I want relief. I have good ethics, I practice the art of moderation, and I have amazing fortitude, but right now, I'm depressed from pain. I didn't even ask for pain meds though...I asked for anxiety an empath and Highly Sensitive Person with overly sensitive nerves, 6 sticks is like agony...heck, the first stick was painful, but I felt those needles at least 10 times stronger than in my youth without chronic pain. A nurse said, "everyone hates needles," and my response was, "no, they don't." I'm tired of fighting pain and anxiety...I do it every day. I went through 26 sticks at an ER located in a top research facility over 8 years ago to no avail. It was traumatic for my body and psyche...please consider the patient on an individual basis and leave the war on big pharma out of it. Offer patients what they need for comfort...treat a patient registering on a 7 out 10 pain scale relief and do so immediately....offer a patient having a panic attack or anxiety relief immediately. You have the tools...use them. II' an energy healer and when I come to an ER I want relief...those energy toxins build up and sometimes cause real life physical issues I cannot simply rebuke...that is what western medicine is's to help provide relief from symptoms while the body cures itself if that's what the body chooses to do....aaand until western doctors work directly with shamans and energy healers, symptom relief is all that is possible...Spirit is necessary for full recovery...currently, western medicine is not equipped for total Healing which is why I became skilled in energy work a.k.a. Reiki...I do what Western doctors couldn't and I let Western doctors help me when I need stronger medicine. Please listen to me .When I come in I want relief and so do a lot of people. Please use the tools you have to deliver. All words are said with the intentions of clarity positive response, and greater Healing. Thank you God(dess) Namaste

hunter guimbellot

This is THE SLOWEST hospital you'll ever go to. Not ONCE have we ever been seen on time with our 18 month old. I guess they don't realize how impossible it is to keep a toddler occupied for sometimes up to 6 HOURS! Yes, we have waited 6 hours with a scheduled appointment before. The upside is the staff is usually pleasant, it just takes so long to see any of them.

Laval Mcneil

I have not had the experience of going to this hospital in some time not since the name was changed. I just want to say that if the administration from Mcleod has read these reviews and done nothing about it the they all should be ashamed. I work in the medical field and i am ashamed of these reviews, please make the proper changes because i love my home town and i would want the visitors to at least feel they can get great medical service if nothing else.