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9330 FL-54, Trinity, FL 34655, USA
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Consumer feedback about Medical Center of Trinity

Rating: 1 /5


My Aunt was in stage 4 cancer and when I left her on her second night. The nurse left her with no morphine. From 4:28 pm. until 2:33 am. We notified the head nurse who seemed sorry. How much misery my Aunt went threw was neglectful and unforgivable. If you have a loved beware.

Rating: 1 /5

Mi Leo

GO TO MORTON PLANT NORTH BAY INSTEAD!! Medical Center of Trinity may be in a new expensive building, but it's the same unprofessional, incompetent, and uncaring crew that was at Community Hospital only now we have to pay more for the same terrible service! An absolute nightmare! Went in at 8:30 pm for jaw and neck pain-SIGNS OF A POSSIBLE HEART ATTACK and left after 5:00 am the next day! The Waiting Room was pretty crowded yet EVERY SINGLE nurse, doctor, and employee just couldn't be bothered to speed themselves up!! They all took their sweet time and left everyone waiting for HOURS and HOURS!! Not one employee was hurrying or even looked the least bit rushed. They just moseyed around and never tried to speed things up. They lost my first blood draw and you can bet they will try and bill me for that!! I will file charges against them for insurance fraud if they do so! There was NO DOCTOR on site in the ER!! The nurse who told me my first blood draw was lost actually tried to blame me for having bad veins because she BLEW MY VEIN OUT trying to put in an IV! I have donated gallons of blood in my lifetime and never had anything remotely close to that happen. I eventually told her to take out my IV because I had been in a bed for five hours and was leaving because no doctor was on duty. Well, that got her motivated and she started moving much quicker!! Seems like the hospital doesn't want a doctor to lose the chance to bill a patient! The doctor came in quickly and kept lamely apologizing! Seemed like we had woken him up from a nap or maybe from sleeping with a nurse!! He was so incompetent that he did not write down the directions on the over-the-counter medications that he wanted me to take and that I asked him to verbally tell me. He just couldn't be bothered!! Stay away! They probably cost people their lives!

Rating: 1 /5

Phillip Herring

Currently waiting in the ER for my wife to be seen came in at 1930 through the Citrus park ER and she's been in the hospital ER since 2300 still haven't run the echo which Dr said is the reason we needed to have admitted. But you can count on the billing department to come in tell we're going to owe arm and leg. Best part you ask the nurse and their standard response is I don't know. Wait I thought the nurse was the one who helps manages the care of the patient. You should be able to get someone after 13hrs to run a echo test. All I see is an over crowded, underfunded, understaffed hospital. You should always expect a wait but really just sitting here for 13 hrs after collapsing at home. Mind you my wife is pregnant and no one come to check and make sure the baby is okay either. This isn't health care this is simply bad care. Just for the record no one has reached out to us. And when asked do they have a patient advocate we were told not really. I stand by my earlier comment and would highly discourage anyone if they can help it to go elsewhere

Rating: 5 /5


I had emergency gall bladder surgery. The nurses from 2 West were absolutely amazing. Cheryl, Sara, Cnarisse, Ramon and Greg Kennedy are outstanding, compassionate professionals. I was a nervous patient and this nursing staff made me feel comfortable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!!

Rating: 1 /5

Tatiana Neto

Worst hospital ever! I'm not out of state and my daughter got really sick. So I took her to the ER. The staff was extremely rude. All they told me is that my daughter has a cough go home. Are you serious! "Go home!" If your CHILD is sick and your visiting from OUT OF STATE then DON'T EVER GO HERE! This hospital doesn't care about your child. All they want to do is take your money. Needless to say she got worse because the horrible doctor didn't want to do anything. If I could give this hospital zero states I would. DON'T EVER GO HERE!!! And let me add. If the hospital reads this don't give me some crappy automated response like you did to everyone else on here. Nothing shows that you don't care more then that!!!! We all know you don't care about anything other than what's in our wallet.