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Consumer feedback about Medical College of Ga Hospitals and Clinics

Rating: 1 /5

Keri Tomlin

I went into the ER about a year and a half ago. They took my insurance info but didn't request the copay. I asked about it and they said they wouldn't bill me until insurance went through. I didn't think much about it. A few weeks later my father calls me saying the hospital was trying to charge his insurance for my visit. Both my father and I called multiple times in attempt to fix the situation. This goes on for a few months but eventually it is fixed. I send the information to my insurance just in case there is any more confusion. My insurance confirms payment and life goes on. Suddenly I am getting bills from the hospital claiming my insurance didn't pay and I am required to pay the full amount. I immediately call insurance, they say they definitely paid the full amount. They ask for the hospitals informatipn/address to send the proof of payment again. Silence for another few months. I get another bill for the same visit. I call, the lady on the phone confirms that I did pay and isn't sure why it is showing up like that. She says she will put a hold on the account and try to get this fixed. I say okay. A few weeks later I get a debt collectors notice for this damn bill. I call the collector, they say they got the "debt" from the hospital. The hospital that told me everything was paid up... I argue back and forth with the debt folks and they say they will check in with the hospital. I call insurance and they ask for the addresses of the hospital and the debt folks. I do. They send them, for the third or fourth time, confirmation that they already paid. I don't hear anything again from the hospital or the collectors for MONTHS. But suddenly the "debt" that I shouldn't have is being reflected on my credit report. I am currently debating on seeking out legal action. I went in for a severe migraine and dehydration from puking all day. The bill was 700 and something dollars. It was paid, but somehow I am being asked to pay it again? This has become an absolute nightmare and my life is being actively interfered with by this "debt."

Rating: 1 /5

Dallas Hill

We were in a car accident in August of 2016, we have tried for a year and a half to get a copy of our bill. My daughter has talked to someone in the billing department 4 times and each time they were suppose to mail us a copy of it but as of now January 2, 2018 still no copy. Our laywyer has tried to get a copy also but no results yet. Why? What do you have to do to get a copy of your bill from this hospital. My daughter is on a 20 minute hold right at this very minute trying to talk to someone again. This is ridiculous!!!! Advise to everyone who goes here if you need a copy of your bill don’t leave without it!!!!

Rating: 5 /5

teresa hanks

Dr Neal is very kind and thorough. To any patient where pediatric urologist is needed he is the best. Puts both my child and myself at ease within a minute or two if walking in room!!

Rating: 1 /5

Lynne Williams

The nurses do not have bed side manners. They seem to have a stuck up attitude and act like you are a bother. Specifically on the OR floor. The doctors are nicer than the nurses. They seemed like I was a problem to deal with and they did not want to deal with me.

Rating: 1 /5

Leslie McMichael

I went in to this hospital emergency room at 12:30 am with shooting pains in my back. I won't sugar coat it, I was screaming in pain. I was also from out of town. I drove myself there and explained the pain to the young man behind the desk. He took my info and insurance card. 10 minutes later this other young man who was admitting called me in. I'm still screaming with pain on a level 10+ and attempting to describe the pain. He promptly told me i had to sit in a wheelchair and im telling him i can't sit at all. He tells me if I don't sit, i wont be treated. I try to sit thinking he is going to wheel me back to get help. He pushes me into another waiting room to sit "so i won't disturb the other patients with my screaming". As he pushes me, I get another sharp pain and I fall out of the wheelchair and crack my knee. He then tells me to get up off the floor and stop screaming. "You just stop acting like that", he said. He proceeded to tell me that if I was going to stay, my wait would be 2 HOURS!. I decided to get out of there and take my chances at another hospital. I found Doctors Hospital 6 miles away and they got me right in. Turns out I was passing a kidney stone. No wonder! Do not enter into this hospital. Terrible, terrible empathy and triage.