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Consumer feedback about Medstar Georgetown University Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

laverne mckinley

When I was diagnosed with ITP which at the time was not common. This hospital examined, researched and found what was wrong. Saved my life. Eternally grateful. I have moved since. But will make the commute.I trust this hospital. Going to contact Med star Georgetown Hospital because "I" trust and believe in them.. 💜❤💛

Rating: 3 /5

James McCalla

The ER doctors relied on out-of-date files in their system instead of talking to me and asking questions. The attending doctor was talking with me when she was paged, so she left and said she'd be right back. Didn't come, but I do understand that they're very busy, so that was OK at the time. Still, her junior doctor simply assumed, without asking, that she and I had talked about everything, so he never had a conversation with me at all and at one point I was alone on the gurney in a closed cubicle for about 2 hours. When I finally saw the attending doctor again, she'd been consulting those out-of-date files and I had to correct her on my medical history AND my current primary care provider. The junior doctor said he could bring me sandwiches, but I had to tell him (since again he didn't ask) that I'm on a very restricted diet. The nurse, Ashley, in contrast to the doctors, was terrific, and I got most of the hard information from her about what was going on. The discharge nurse still had incorrect information about my primary care provider, and the hospital number she gave me to call to have their lab report sent to my current doctor was also wrong. She also didn't tell me that the request had to come from my doctor, not from me (even though they're my records). I would suggest to these ER doctors that if you have a patient who is alert and mentally competent, you shouldn't ignore him and use only old and outdated files just because they're in your system. When I finally got home again, I took 2 Tylenol: my symptoms disappeared and didn't come back. I'm now consulting with my primary care provider, which is what I should have done instead of going to the Georgetown ER. Lesson learned.

Rating: 3 /5

Jeramy Utara

Generally, the staff are kind and willing to help - many will stop you in the hallways to offer directions if you look lost. The doctors and their work are great. Sadly, just about everything else is lacking. Frequently, patients wait in recovery rooms all day and sometimes do not end up getting an actual room. The age of the buildings and lack of efficiency or drive to make the patient experience good is what hurts. If you ever have the option of where to have surgery, you will almost definitely be more comfortable somewhere else.

Rating: 2 /5

Carmela Giambalvo

I love my doctors at MedStar Georgetown, but trying to get a call back is almost impossible. I am thinking of changing doctors because of this. Also their billing system is horrible. Each bill has a different account number. I pay by my checking accounts bill pay and there are at least 15 different account numbers in there. They need to shape up

Rating: 1 /5

Mary Jane Ray

My mother was treated like a living cadaver. Mixed information, given on her condition.Tests given without protection from the imagining dye. I would NEVER recommend you take any of your loved one to this place! I still have nightmares about what my mother was put through.