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Consumer feedback about Medstar Washington Hospital Center

Rating: 5 /5

Tierra Harris

I delivered my son at Washington Hospital Center on 8/18/17, Tiyachae was my nurse and she was AMAZING!!! so sweet and caring especially dealing with someone in labor, she came so quick any time i paged! She was able to keep me calm despite my annoying family. She made all of us comfortable the entire 32 hours I was in labor(the part that was her shift) & Megan( in labor and delivery) came in after and was AWESOME! After my labor she made me comfortable although no rooms were available on the maternity side she constantly checked on me until I was able to transfer. The transition was smooth and easy, Megan on the maternity side helped me and made sure i was able to get back and forth to the NICU to see my son as well as help with my recovery

Rating: 1 /5

Ana Martinez

My grandmother took a fall last night and didn't seek medical attention. When I arrived home the day after I decided to take her to this hospital to make sure everything was okay because she had an open gash that apparently bleed a lot and could get infected. It has been 4.5 hours since we got here and my grandmother has only been check for high blood pressure. When I asked the receptionist for any update I was treated like a piece of trash. Honestly, we are so tired of waiting that we just want to walk out but I know that my grandmother's health is important.

Rating: 1 /5

Mary Krug

Taken there for heart surgery. Please help shut this hospital down! I am 60 years old. Have been in hospitals all over the US. I COULD NEVER LIST ALL OF THE NEGATIVE ASPECTS.

Rating: 1 /5

Maryellen Cunnion

I have been trying to reach the billing department for over 2 hours and the phone just rings and rings. I called the main hospital center and she connected me to collections even though I explained I just received the bill. The charges were never sent to my insurance company, even though I presented my cards . I spent way too many hours in the emergency room with little interaction with doctors or nurses. I was brought in by ambulance for a suspected heart attack, even though I knew that wasn't the problem. If I had been examined carefully by the ER doctor, he may have discovered what was actually wrong and I wouldn't have needed all the tests I received. I went to a doctor who correctly diagnosed the problem quickly after a thorough exam. Now I can't even reach the billing department to get my bill adjusted. The doctor charged $390 for less than a 2 minute evaluation and then was too busy to discharge me for almost an hour!! I have spent a lot of time in busy city emergency rooms when my husband was ill and never saw anything like this place! Just received my THIRD incorrect bill - I called and was told there was no record of my contact after the first incorrect bill and no record of my insurance information which I gave at that time! They claimed iImust have called either the doctor billing or the x ray dept. I called ALL THREE and only have received the incorrect bills twice from the emergency room bill. More disgusted now than I was before! Totally unacceptable!!

Rating: 1 /5

Em Kay

I voluntarily admitted myself to MedStar Washington because I was suicidal. While waiting for a bed to become available, I became extremely anxious from the hospital's chaotic environment. The anxiety greatly outweighed the suicidal ideation, and I just wanted to go home. I asked the staff if I could be discharged. They looked at me, laughed, and went back to standing around and chatting among themselves. I started crying and asked if someone could please help me. This time, the staff completely ignored me. They also ignored the cries of the two other patients waiting for beds, both of whom were displaying signs of psychosis. The three of us were clearly distressed, but the staff refused to speak to us or try to calm us. After five hours in the waiting room, two staff members plopped me into a wheelchair and wheeled me away with no explanation. Exhausted and still crying, I asked where they were taking me; again, I was ignored. I pleaded with them to please just give me some sort of information, but they refused, snickering to one another all the while. It was almost sadistic. Turns out they were taking me to do my intake processing, which lasted for another couple of hours. I didn't get to a bed until after 4am, and then was forced by staff to wake up at 7am. (Being sleep-deprived definitely isn't going to help someone who is already experiencing a mental health crisis.) That morning, I begged the hospital psychiatrist to call my own psychiatrist, and my psychiatrist successfully persuaded him to release me immediately. After I was discharged, I literally sprinted from the hospital to the bus stop. I had never been so relieved to leave a place in my life. I later learned that once a patient has been admitted for suicidal ideation (even voluntarily), they cannot be discharged just because they ask to leave. And I understand that. But the staff didn't explain that to me at they time, and they showed my fellow patients and I no compassion whatsoever. They acted like we were completely unworthy of their time and help. People with mental illness are still people. We should be treated with dignity. TL;DR: MedStar Washington has absolutely no compassion for their mental health patients. Their staff is beyond unprofessional - they are cruel.