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1001 E Johnson St, Holyoke, CO 80734, USA
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Consumer feedback about Melissa Memorial Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Colorado Fan

This is an amazing little Hospital for the size of the town and community it supports. I have been going to it ever since I moved into the area. Its new and clean and they have all the newest equipment and technology. The staff is always very friendly to me, they show that they care and take time to talk to you. The Dr's. always seem to take the time needed to go over results with you and you do not feel like just a number moving through the system. I would have no problem going to this Hospital anytime and would trust my life in their hands. I have yet to have a bad experience. There is some Dr. turnover, but I think its presence is just felt more here because it IS a small community and smaller Hospital, and everyone knows everyone, but staffing change is not obtrusive or actually uncommon in any hospital. The Dr.s they do have are very educated, caring, and hard working to help out the community. As for the town. It's really not as bad as CAROLYN CAMBRIDGE claims--> ( the Anonymous User ) Every town has its good and it's bad, but for a small town it's very clean and very friendly. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, the majority of the population does not share CAROLYN'S.... Melissa Memorial hospital is perfect for this community.

Rating: 1 /5

Joshua Cambridge

Melissa Memorial has some very dedicated individuals that are very good at what they do but this is overshadowed by the egos and middle school conduct of a few. Patient privacy is almost nonexistent. Once you walk out of this hospital everybody in town knows exactly what went on in the examination room. You couldn't pay me to go into the X-ray room because everybody knows what goes on in there when nobody is looking. All in all this hospital is like a small dog kennel full of Chihuahuas running around, barking, biting and humping everything. The egos and politics of a few eclipse the efforts of the individuals that are good at their job.

Rating: 1 /5

Janel Patin

Horrible experience! I went in for extreme pain and was dropping in oxygen levels from my body tensing up. I wanted an X-ray or something because it felt like my insides were being ripped out and they wouldn't allow it because the X-ray technician went home so it was inconvenient for them. gave my Vicodin and sent me home. I'm still having pains to this day. They also have no LDR doctors, their doctors keep quitting and no real pediatrics specialists. I wouldn't recommend this place on your life, all they care about is the looks not the patients it seems

Rating: 1 /5

Rene Nevarez

Expect a never-ending wave of bills and complete lack of patient privacy.

Rating: 5 /5