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About Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center

Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center is a Hospital in Houston, TX founded in 1925 and considered one of 15 hospitals in the Memorial Hermann Health System. With a total of 1098 beds, the medical center’s campus encompasses the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, the Memorial Hermann Orthopedic & Spine Hospital, and several specialty institutes and centers. The Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Institute includes the Center for Advanced Heart Failure, the Aortic Center of Excellence, and the Complex Arrhythmia Center. The Burn Center’s services include critical care, acute inpatient care, burn reconstruction, scar management, and rehabilitation. The hospital also features an Acute Care for Elders (ACE) Unit specially designed for adults.

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(114 reviews)

Rhonda Sorensen

Nurse Ashley Edgar, and Nurse Martha both on the NSICU unit need to be recognized as the best nurses around. They are truly compassionate about their job. When I was scared those amazing nurses held me,. When I cried they were holding back tears and wiped the tears off my face. They did so much to comfort my family and I, and made sure my momma was pain free and taken care of properly. My mom is not going to make it sadly, but those 2 nurses helped us get by, day by day.. Starting tomorrow my mom will be living her last days at home on hospice.

Latoya Jones

I went to Memorial Hermann on 2 occasions and I can say the wait is long but the doctors and nurses are amazing in the E.R. I was seen and diagnosed. The doctors I saw were attentive and understanding. I did not feel like a number. Thanks to all in E.R. thank u!!!! Keep up the great Work!

Bianca bellabee Aguilar

Horrible triage and ER nurses. They are extremely rude sarcastic and dry. I know théy deal with more ignorance from patients in a day than i will in a lifetime but thats no excuse to treat all patients poorly. They are in this line of work to help people and be compassionate. If they cant do that please go work at a construction site. Most nurses here are so jaded and disgusted with being here, its really sad. And disgusting.

Julie Golden

I had excellent care in my stay for almost 2 weeks and various departments. Thanks to STICU!!!

Dj Haynes

This Hospital needs to be Reevaluated by the StateBoard. They are unethical!! They hve No Code of conduct. The Nurses, Doctors and Staff do not respect patient privacy or confidentiality. They laugh and make fun of patients situations. A male nurse openly laughed and judged discussing every patient including my son injury very unprofessional. We saw a Doctor who did not nothing. My son was hit by a car while walking home and has several facial fractures and a cervical fracture 3hrs later just 2 tramadol