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Consumer feedback about Memorial Hospital, the

Rating: 1 /5

Sarah Fredrickson

I have lived in Moffat county since 2005 and have visited the Memorial hospital MANY times. I have multiple gastrointestinal issues tied to my microscopic colitis and fibromyalgia. I have flare ups quite often where I cannot get ahead of the nausea and vomiting I’m experiencing and need to seek care for iv fluids and a shot of anti nausea medication, so my body can break the cycle. This happens at least every 2-3 months, for the past 5 years, so you could say they should be well aware of my issues and the treatment needed. Unfortunately, every time I visit this hospital, I have a bad experience. Sometimes I will have a nice interaction with one of the nurses or ER doctors that are on staff, but whatever negative thing that happens outweighs the good. I can say on almost every occasion I’ve visited, whether I was the patient or not, I’ve heard and observed staff talking unkindly about myself and other patients reasons for being there- they’re appearance- and discuss among one another loudly whether or not they believe the patient actually has the prior documented illness. This is especially ugly and unprofessional to do with individuals whom are seeking care and comfort from whatever pain or ailment brought them there to seek treatment. I have also had multiple issues with this hospital properly billing us. I have been sent to collections for bills that have not been properly billed to my insurance. I’ve always had them removed, but at that point my credit had been dinged.

Rating: 1 /5

Jan Schreibvogel-Sessions

I was recently seen in the Emergency Department by Kenneth Totz MD.. for a crohnic illness and a prior nerve injury to my right leg that had been progressively getting worse and yes, I had seen my general physician prior to going to the Emergency Department... he immediately stated upon entering the room 'I am a trauma Doctor not a Specialist'... he then had radiology take an unnecessary xray of my pelvis.. after that was negative as expected.. he stated, ' I can give you 665mg of Tylenol for pain'... I then stated I just took 600mg of Tylenol with no relief.. he then offered Motrin.. which most knowledgeable Doctors know due to the chronic illness I have you never prescribe NSAIDS.. I said 'thank you' but 'no thank you' then again explained the chronic illness I've had for over 27yrs and why NSAIDS are dangerous.. he again basically did not acknowledge my concerns and I was discharged with an Rx for Motrin 500mg which is a NSAID.. unfortunately, I understand why many Moffat County residents(I reside north of Hayden) prefer to be seen at Yampa Valley Medical Center in Steamboat and when I've been ambulatory the EMS teams have always recommended they take me to YVMC over Craig Memorial..

Rating: 5 /5

Erika Miller

Labor and Delivery: Dr. Ellis and the permanent nurses are excellent. You get a discount on your bill if you pay quickly.

Rating: 5 /5

Emmy Wood

Very clean hospital! Friendly and attentive staff. The ER nurses even made a bed and room for my boys to sleep in. Can't get care like this in the big city.

Rating: 1 /5

Lexi Freed

Terrible service 4 am Dr huyn very unprofessional extremely rude. After offering treatment he quickly said he refused to provide treatment when I said I was going to make a complaint. He said if I made a complaint he wouldn't provide treatment. The nurse on duty who was also apparently the head supervisor, dismissed my complaint and sent me home, with no discharge papers nothing. I will be reporting Dr huyn and the nurse to the Colorado medical board for malpractice. Unbelievable. This is the 3rd bad expierence with Dr hyun directly. All the other doctors I have seen here have been great. I delivered my son here and it was a wonderful experience. BE CAUTIOUS OF DR HUYN in the ER.