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1650 Creekside Dr, Folsom, CA 95630, USA
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Consumer feedback about Mercy Hospital of Folsom

Rating: 1 /5

Avianna Dresbach

Worst hospital I have ever been to. Been here for 7 1/2 hours all for nothing an the staff are incredibly rude. The Dr had forgotten about my 1 year old daughter his response was that my daughter wasn't dieing with a 103 degree fever. When I talked to one of the nurses she told me if I left I was going to have my child taken from me an put in foster care. I don't know what kind of staff this place hires but the nurses an Dr we had tonight were completely ridiculous.

Rating: 3 /5

Seldom Seen

I have been here twice. Once at 2pm and another at 11pm. Both weeknights. Start to finish I was out of there in 3.5 hours for the 2pm visit and just over 2 hours for the 11pm visit. I highly recommend going late at night if you can. In the 2pm visit, I was stuck in the waiting room the majority of the time. The 11pm visit, I was able to relax in a private room. I can't say they will do this for you, but when I arrived at 11pm there wasn't anyone else in the waiting room and I was seen immediately. During the other visit, 2/3 of the waiting room was filled with vomiting/bleeding and crying kids and the process was quite hectic. During busy times they triage you in the middle of the room (quite loudly I must say too) and the process is like a cattle line. Sign in, wait, pain on a scale of 1-10, urine, blood, insurance info, wait, wait, wait. You'll probably get x-rays but you will be booted back to the waiting room and the doctor will likely let you know in the triage area, diagnose you, and send you on your way. You will feel very rushed at the end for having just waited 3.5 hours. This is the time they really should be taking their time with you, but it's really the only part of the process they seem to rush through. My biggest complaint with this ER are the doctors and their conservative hand in prescribing pain relievers. If you come to an ER and are willing to subject yourself to the 3+ hour wait, pay the copays, and run all the tests you aren't some junky on the street looking for a fix. You are just looking for relief. I understand there is an opiod crisis. That said, Motrin 600 and Norco 5/325 is the standard at this ER for every pain level. If you have a decent doctor who trusts you then you probably have that in your cabinet already. Heck, I have way stronger meds than that, but for my diagnosis I assumed I'd get something for being honest about my pain level of 6.5. I mean sure, most people are going to say 10, but I'll save that for a deep fryer spill burn or something. Anyone with severe kidney stone or migraine pain knows Advil and Vicodin isn't going to touch that kind of pain. Come on doc, you have my full health history, if I can't get a decent pain reliever from the ER then where should I go? Craigslist? 7-11? No wonder people are dying from bad opioids on the street, because doctors are being too stingy when people really need them! Anyways, the nurses are kind, especially the X-ray people. I still recommend going here. Go at night and don't expect a lot in the way of pain relief. But they will fix your problem if it requires antibiotics.

Rating: 2 /5

debra pietrowski

ICU staff were wonderful - attentive and thorough. However once transitioned to a different floor, you are lucky if they even pay attention or check on you hourly. Once ICU transported to different floor, ICU staff had to hunt for nurse to hand off and report. Nurse was interrupted three times and did not have full attention during report. It has been two hours, and.not once checked on. Must have family member or advocate present because they are not paying attention.

Rating: 5 /5

Robin Porter

3 1/2 hours is pretty good for a very busy day at the emergency room. They even apologized for the wait. For what was done from registration to triage to blood work and an ultrasound, and finally with an IV with super dooper antibiotic, this was great work by all the staff. I thought everybody was very efficient and kind during the process. After all nobody wants to go to the emergency if it can be helped. Good staff of people. Very satisfied

Rating: 4 /5

Daniel Bel

Had a wrist injury, they took me in quickly. Staff was professional and friendly. Got xrays done quickly. Wait after xray took unusually long.