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1235 E Cherokee St, Springfield, MO 65804, USA
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Consumer feedback about Mercy Hospital Springfield

Rating: 5 /5

shauna fraley

I was just discharged from here, I had surgery on January 11, 2018. From the moment I got there, i was treated with dignity and respect. Everything was explained to me, from the nurses to the anesthesiologists to my doctors and what to expect during and after surgery. After surgery, I met Logan, who was my nurse, and she was beyond fantastic. She really cared about my needs and keeping me comfortable, and was very knowledgeable and I felt very well taken care off. So thank you to Logan for taking such wonderful care of me, and thank you to all the staff for a wonderful experience! I would DEFINITELY come back, and definitely would recommend this hospital to others!!!❤

Rating: 1 /5

Christina Miranda

Worst hospital I’ve had to deal with. No communication, lack of want to help someone when they need it and irresponsible with important documents that you submit to them. They wait until you call about checking on the status of it and make it sound like it is YOUR fault that they lost the documents or didn’t submit them. Been having issues with them since July and they still aren’t resolved and they continue to not give an absolute squat about whether you sink or drown. Worst. Service. And. Experience. Ever. Will never use them again; point blank.

Rating: 1 /5

Courtney Groover

For 9 months I have privately been trying to handle the many problems I have had with Mercy but they refuse to speak to me. I am coming here to warn everyone if you can go somewhere else please do. The way I was treated at Dr.Litherlands office was the worst care I have ever had. The only reason I gave a star was for my kids pediatrician Dr.Jones he is amazing. When I was pregnant I started seeing Dr Litherland. Her staff was so rude to me. I took my husband and sister multiple times to make sure I wasn't being overly sensitive. One receptionist made me stand there while she was on hold with a private call ON HER CELLPHONE. There were a lot more incidents that I have reported. I am disgusted at mercy and their lack of caring. I plan on going further with this I just wanted to warn you all.

Rating: 1 /5

Victor Edwards

Absolute worst "medical" experience I've had in my life. The 5 star reviews on this site must be from family and friends because they have to be dishonest. I first went to a Mercy Urgent Care facility. I had some symptons of appendicitis and instead of examining me, they decided that there was nothing they could do (he said they didn't do diagnostics at the Urgent Care) and suggested I go to the emergency room. So, they took my $30 co pay and told me they wouldn't do anything for me. I went to the emergency room at Mercy and sat there for 7 hours. When I told the nurse that I was managing the pain with Excedrin because Ibuprofen didn't seem to work, she informed me that Excedrin WAS Ibuprofen. I asked if she was sure and she said that it certainly was. Finally, they called my name and took me to the back where there were no less than 20 people sitting around. I can only guess that it was a shift change or something. Instead of taking me to an examination room, they sat me in the hall. At that point I told them that I would need to be out of there in the next two and a half hours because I was meeting someone at my house. The orderly told me that if I left before they were through, I'd have to start the process all over again. He also said to make sure to stop by the front desk to let them know that I was leaving "early". Of course, that means they wanted to make sure they billed me. Anyway, a nine hour visit, a urinalysis and blood test cost me $1739. And they said that I should continue to take anti-inflamatories. Worst "medical" experience I've ever had.

Rating: 5 /5

Jacob Moll

We came to mercy hospital for the birth of my first child. After a 2 day stay we were admitted to the NICU where we would stay 2 weeks. Of course being a new father I was emotional and confused at the news. Thankfully, the staff was knowledgeable, friendly, caring and overall amazing. Every nurse on shift was helpful and went out of their way to explain things, help out and provide for anything we needed at a moment's notice. The Drs were friendly and visited us each day. We received a care package and an abundance of knowledge that I'm grateful for being this my first child. Overall the experience, considering the circumstances, was great and I'm glad we had him delivered here. Highly recommended.