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914 Pine St, Mt Shasta, CA 96067, USA
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Consumer feedback about Mercy Medical Center Mt Shasta

Rating: 4 /5

Jamie Allen

One of our daughters had an emergency appendectomy post rupture with the General Surgeon at Mercy. Dr. H. was exceptional with his skills and it showed... The surgical nurse came out of the OR beaming after a 2 hr. surgery. I don't need all the details in that room as I'm sure it was quite the show, but it was nothing short of miraculous that our daughter is still with us today. No complications... No excessive scarring, and more importantly no more infection. The nursing staff was great overall... I would have given 5 stars if our ER experience was better. Our daughter, in septic shock, was sitting in the ER for 20hrs previous surgery. During thar time her ruptured appendix worstened and at one point in time she was almost released by the night on call Dr. as shift changed in the morning. A new nurse came on shift and put her foot down and demanded more testing at that point with a new Dr. She made the right call and saved our daughter's life. Thank you...

Rating: 1 /5

kaitlyn willhoit

My son went in for an absess tooth, and the nurses were very rude to us and definitely not child oriented. They had the arm cuff on him, and it was scaring him (mind you he is three years old) so she grabbed his arm very tightly, and got right in his face and told him " if you don't stop we have to tell you and your mommy to leave". He needed antibiotics, and instead of the nurse explaining it to him, she stuck her fingers all the way down his throat, and gagged him, until he threw up the rest of the antibiotics. The nurses name was Norma I believe.

Rating: 5 /5

Rebecca Duncan

I'm a travel RN passing through town on the way to my next assignment and I needed to bring my significant other to ER for shortness of breath. I was very impressed by the staff in the ER! Very attentive and a doctor was with us within moments.

Rating: 5 /5

Tina Hill

After moving to the area from Kentucky, and after a considerable amount of research, the love of my life and I chose to have his complicated spinal surgeries done here... zero regrets! An outstanding and friendly staff coupled with an amazing surgeon (Dr. Glen O'Sullivan), and the beauty that surrounds this entire community, well... probably one of the best decisions we've ever made. Thank you for all you've done to make us feel like more than just another patient in a bed - this is indeed, a special place with special people!

Rating: 5 /5


Outstanding and very solicitous staff and a quick, successful cataract procedure for my 83 year old brother left me very impressed and grateful for this Medical Care facility in the Mt. Shasta area. Thank you, Nurses Karen (Surgery Prep), Serena Ackerman (Anaesthesia) and Tonia (Outpatient services) and Doctors and staff whose names I did not have time to record ( on the back of my hand)! You all were extremely courteous, kind and helpful. Blessings to all of you. John C from Central California