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2175 Rosaline Ave, Redding, CA 96001, USA
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Consumer feedback about Mercy Medical Center Redding

Rating: 2 /5

Mikayla Stringer

I had gone to the same hospital I was born at for 18 years of my life (a county hospital) and also took my daughter there after she was born. Never had any problems and always got the care needed. Now after living in Redding for 3 years and having to go to Mercy for my care, my two children, and my fiance it seems like we never get adequate care. Nobody ever seems to really care about the patient regardless of which one of us it was there or the issue. Not a fan of this hospital that's for sure. I was asked to message Mercy about my review but I'm not sure how.

Rating: 1 /5

Rain Parader

My Mom is there right now and doesn't want me to say anything because she is afraid they will treat her even worse. It's been hours since a nurse even came by to ask how she is. No follow up at all. She has been there more than a day and not so much as a warm wash cloth. No offers of something to drink...the list goes on and on. I'm so upset they are lucky I'm not there. What happened to the days of compassion and service? The info on the website is a farce. PATHETIC.

Rating: 4 /5

Timothy Riley

I have spent a lot of time here in the last year. Two operations and at least three procedures necessitating stays totaling around 30 days. I am now going here twice a week for Chemotherapy. Coming from a much larger city I didn't know what to expect. All in all I have been very pleased. The level of care that I get is very good, sometimes exceptional. The speciality doctors, especially the brain surgeons, are world class. The nurses are professional as well as highly skilled. My only complaints are that it can be very noisy, especially in Intensive Care. The staff talks, laughs and tell jokes right by patient's rooms. I even heard them talk about me. Also, the FOOD. It's got to be among the worse hospital food anywhere.

Rating: 1 /5

Daniel Gilliland

Hospital that squeezes hundreds of millions of dollars from patients and their insurance companies can't be bothered to provide an adequate cafeteria. When you want dinner, the cafeteria closes at 6 PM, so get there early. Otherwise you should think of your stay at the hospital as a camping trip, and pack accordingly. Bring your own food, even a homemade bologna sandwich is higher quality than the trash they serve.

Rating: 5 /5

CeCe Pori

Dignity Health Mercy Medical Center is the best hospital I've EVER been to. All of my nurses assisted me well and were very kind. Elizabeth , a nurse on the surgery waiting floor is THE BEST NURSE. She constantly was checking up on me without being requested to. She treated me like I was her own child. She was very comforting :) there's no other hospital I will go to because I love the staff and everything else about mercy medical ❤