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Consumer feedback about Merit Health Central

Rating: 1 /5

do gre

Some of the student nurses displayed better customer service than the other student nurses on duty. Don't know what the issue is but understand patients did not ask to be here at the hospital nor did they ever think you would be their caretaker. If you don't have a heart to deal with the sick, please find another career. This may be your love one in the same position one day!!!!!

Rating: 2 /5

Tracy Williams

Came by ambulance, ER was great, professional and prompt. Nurses were sweet with good bedside manor. ER Dr Flowers was awsome, Ana was great. They made you feel like they cared. When I ended up being admitted it was all down hill from there! Bedside manor was horrible! Nurses including the head nurse Krystal or Crystal, not sure how she spells her name. She was terrible. They make you feel like they could care less and just there to draw a paycheck. I went to Merit because the paramedics said Merit had been taken over by University doctors and it was good there now but will never ever go there again. The vibe is negative among most of the nurses and it's a shame. They appear to take no pride in their important roles to society as nurses.

Rating: 1 /5

pam vaughn

This hospital is absolutely horrible. God help you if you end up there. My aunt was left sitting in a chair for over an hour in terrible pain and her leg swelling. She was hospitalized for an upper respiratory issue and they did a heart catheter half killing her. Punctured an artery. Leg was swollen bruised. She had been in bed for several days and said she wanted to sit up in a chair for a few minutes. Nurse helped her into chair but would not come back. I pushed the call button numerous times. It took them over an hour to come back to help her into bed. She was in pain and didn't have the stamina to sit up that long. I watched her leg getting more swollen. The nurses are unprofessional and uncaring. The place is filthy. I almost called 911 IN THE HOSPITAL!! This place should be closed down. The doctor goofed the heart catheter and they are all incompetent. If you can get out alive you are lucky. I contacted Merit Health. Crickets. No response. Although who is surprised that they wouldn't respond to an email since they don't even respond to patient call buttons? Again - they are terrible.

Rating: 1 /5

Adrian Williams

Worst hospital to go to I sat in the waiting room over 6 in a half hours and ended up leaving. My blood pressure was through the roof and my pain level was 10 and no one seemed to care. Do not recommend!!!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Leslie Callejas

I went there Saturday night and I was in alot of pain. The doctor gave me some pain medicine while i was there. She gave me a 3 prescriptions and they all interact with each other but the shot she gave me and my pain reliever to take at home has the most serious and dangerous drug interactions. my head won't stop hurting and my chest don't feel right. I just read everything about the interactions and I am getting ready to go back to a different hospital. Please check on all your medicines before they give them to you and your take home prescriptions