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54 Sgt Prentiss Dr, Natchez, MS 39120, USA
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Consumer feedback about Merit Health Natchez

Rating: 1 /5

Melissa Turnage

This is the worse hospital i have ever went to . I have lupus and numerous times they sent me out of there half dead with staff and high blood peessure and heart failure and i took my 9 month old he never seen a doc and wasnt tested for the flu are abything and had 103 fever he also was sent back out of there never even put in a room . They said his ears looked a lil red . Today we go to the doc and he and i both have the flu

Rating: 1 /5

Ashley Jackson

I would recommend everyone stay away from this hospital if possible!!!! They have the most unconcerned & inconsiderate stafff I have ever been around...I feel their lack of concern cost me the loss of my baby!!!! I went in one evening & expressed my concerns being that I was high risk...They didn't do a vaginal check, blood work nor ultrasound...I did give them a urine sample that sat in the room with me the whole hour I sat in the room (they never tested it)!!! After that hour she told me I was free to go because she didn't see any concerning!!! 13 hours later I was back at the ER in full blown labor & as a result, I lost my baby...Had I been properly checked & treated 13 hours prior, there's a HUGE chance that I would probably still be pregnant!!! The cause of my labor could have been seen through blood work or an ultrasound & treated!!!! I would NEVER go back to this hospital again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORSE EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WISH I COULD GIVE ZERO STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Tanya Byrd

This place is terrible. They charge more then double of larger, better hospitals. Has a deplorable reputation. I will drive over an hour to get my health needs taken care of, than go to this hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

Krystal Bowser

They do have a habit of rushing you off when your in the E.R..The staff is always nice but some of the doctors suck,they don't really check for anything, they assume your diagnosis to be something that is not.I was (looked at with eyes by a doctor and was told oh you have authoritus) ..I went to my doctor on a later date .I do not have authoritus.. I sure miss the

Rating: 1 /5

Whitney Brown

This is sad this hospital sucks they know damn well this one hospital wasn't gonna wrk it's just to much to describe it's so bad i was the first to come in and everybody that came in here after me has left. This hospital don't deserve 1 star. These ppl don't care about the patients that comes in here if so it would be faster than this and the last time is was here this woman gonna ask me what is my occupation i told her a MA she gone ask me what is that i told her a Medical Assistant she gone say O im like and you wrk here smh. I done with this hospital because they have totally lost it with me. my grandmother passed at this hospital because they didn't have any rooms available they left her in the hallway hurting. Shaking my head i hope and pray i never have to come bk here. This hospital needs help bad. Change gotta come