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Consumer feedback about Methodist Jennie Edmundson

Tad McDowell
Tad McDowell

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 day ago

I brought my daughter to the emergency room with a kidney stone/bladder infection issue. I felt the entire emergency room staff did a very good job. Most importantly, I feel like they listened and gave appropriate weight/attention to my concerns. Job well done.

Alexis Desantiago
Alexis Desantiago

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Had a very negative experience of my own with a miscarriage and the doctor being very inconsiderate and not caring but just recently had an aunt that had been abused here. She was having a seizure and since her body was jolting uncontrollably the nurses and staff abused her thinking she was doing it on purpose or on drugs. Whatever their reason, I personally work in healthcare and know not to assume any certain situation of the patient. The nurses and doctors then yelled at her to sit still even though her body was moving involuntarily (which is why she was even there) then they picked her up and threw her on the bed and yelled at her that she was going to hurt their backs) as a cna myself, I know that there are times when A patient may lose their balance, or drop their weight. (It is not their fault!!! This is what you are trained for!!) my aunt could not speak but could hear the medical staff yelling at her and abusing her. As a medical professional myself, I am very furious and also sad and upset for my family member. These people should not have a job. I hope they suffer the proper consequences.. would also love to be contacted about the bill. Nobody deserves to be billed for this. Pt also believed she had a TIA which wasn’t addressed.

Amanda Moss
Amanda Moss

2 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

The emergency room is not the place you want to go. The staff aren't supportive of each other. They do seem to care well for the patients. The building needs updated so bad. The walls had paint pealing off and just old and outdated. Didn't make me feel like was clean and the best environment. The doctors buildings are better. They have a small gift shop. The sleep clinic is great.

Sharmane Borquez
Sharmane Borquez

1 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

***WARNING**** Be careful when you take a family member or yourself to this hospital. There is a respiratory therapist that works here who does not respect or honor the HIPPA laws. Her name is Stacey Wing and I have witnessed first hand her divulging another person's medical diagnosis on public social media sights. It's a disgrace to the profession and this hospital should be ashamed to have a nurse, doctor, respiratory therapist working there who does not honor their oaths. ****WARNING*****

Jenn Pierce
Jenn Pierce

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

It’s hard enough to lose your loved one. It’s harder still when you take the advice of the doctor at the ICU only to learn he doesn’t care.

My dad passed away on May 16th after a battle with lymphoma. The doctor in the ICU advised us to stop all treatment. He said it was best. We believed him.

The doubts didn’t creep in until after talking more with the doctor about a mistake he made on the death certificate. He listed colon cancer as one of the causes. The medical records office showed us where he listed as a preliminary cause of death as pancreatic cancer.

Does it matter what he died from? Yes. It can affect benefits received. It has a historical impact for anyone doing genealogy work. But mainly, it started to cause us to wonder…how much time did he spend truly understanding my dad’s case?

Did we make the decision to remove care based on a doctor that didn’t care? Was the treatment my dad receiving at the other hospital correct or did he have a type of cancer we didn’t know about? It’s hard enough to lose someone, but the doubt was another grey cloud.

The first call with Dr. Goswami was okay. He told my mother that there may have been a reason or it may have been a mistake. He gave us a call back the following Friday. It was a mistake. He seemed irritated then but said he would look into changing if we wanted.

The second call on Tuesday, May 29 was worse. He said they were removing colon cancer as a cause. My mother asked if lymphoma would be added. He said that they weren’t sure. He said that they couldn’t get a clear look at the VA records to know. That there were new metastasis growing. That their oncology doctor never looked at him.

So, he didn’t understand the patient’s history. He didn’t understand his health issues, but he recommend the removal of all care. He told my mother, a widow after 46 years of marriage, that it wasn’t a big deal. It’s just a big paperwork issue. He then said Dear Lord to himself in annoyance.

See we’re just grieving the loss of a life. A husband, a father of 10, a grandfather of 17. And an uncle to so many that cared.

Dr. Goswami on the other hand… he has 20 sick patients to deal with. He doesn’t have time for this. He even asked my mother what she wants put on the death certificate. The answer was the truth.

When asked if he had a supervisor he said I’m a physician. I don’t report to anyone. Call the main hospital number. Tell someone there.

As if, he’s too important. Too big to care about this or to have someone that monitors his performance.

Supposedly he’s going to look into this, but he has no respect for the life lost or the family that is grieving. He’s an important man. Busy. Who cares if he’s eroded the trust our family put into listening to his advice.

We’re not naïve enough to believe that my father would have been healed completely by coming to the ICU at Jennie-Edmundson. He had terminal cancer. But now, we are left wondering. Did we make the right choice in removing all care? Could he have rebounded? Could he have came home?

Was the doctor too busy to actually look at my father’s case? He doesn’t know what type of cancer he had. He doesn’t seem to care why he died. And we’re left with the impression that Dr. Goswami never cared if he lived. & that’s who assured us it was time to remove all care.

The lack of empathy is appalling. We get it. You’re a busy, all important doctor. My dad was just a veteran who most likely got lymphoma from his time in Vietnam. We are just a wife, a daughter, a family who lost someone we loved. Who cares? Not Dr. Goswami. He’s too busy. A physician at Jennie-Edmundson. That’s the treatment you get.

I will say all the nurses were fantastic. We had no issues with them. I did reach out to their customer care via FB direct message before posting this. At 1st no one responded. I asked for a response & was told someone would call or email me. NOTHING.

Edit: A week ago I finally got a call from Donna Hubble. She was suppose to call back. Today I called and left another

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