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251 reviews

About Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital

Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is a full-service, acute care hospital serving Fort Bend County and surrounding communities.
The hospital features a breast care center, cancer center, childbirth center, neuroscience & spine center, and heart & vascular center, it also provides a full range of medical services covering all community needs including critical care medicine, emergency care, endocrinology, endoscopy, gastroenterology, gynecology. imaging & diagnostics, joint replacement program, nephrology, ophthalmology, orthopedics & sports medicine, outpatient lab services, physical therapy & rehabilitation, pulmonology, women’s services, and surgical services.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals Rating 3.1
(251 reviews)

Ambreen Siddiqui

Amazing and very courteous staff in ICU. They are extremely helpful. My aunt had received the best medical care. Thanks a lot to ICU team who were working there in the last 48 hours.

Lacy Kanak

I came into the emergency room with severe abdominal pain and and dehydration from constant vomiting 2 weeks after my cesarean. They only had 2 people in waiting room, but left me sitting in there an hour (still vomiting) before taking me back. They couldn't get an iv after 5 painful attempts, and finally brought in a girl who could. I was sat in a very uncomfortable wheelchair in the hall for an hour, then taken to the billing department to pay my $300 portion before they even did any tests, and was still vomiting while trying to dig threw my purse. Later finding out my insurance covered the entire visit, and they had to refund me what I paid. After ct scan, I was moved to another hallway, where I waited 6 more hours! When I asked why I couldn't be put in a room or bed because I was in such pain, I was told they "save the rooms for more server patients". I understand that but all the rooms where empty at the time. If several came in at once, thenI could be moved. The doctor finally came to see me, and released me stating they couldn't figure out what it was. Will NEVER return to this hospital for an emergency. I don't see how its considered an emergency room, when they are not in any hurry.

Edi Ibraimovic

Before we have chosen this hospital we checked all other hospitals and their reviews were not significantly higher if they were higher. Our experience was more then outstanding! We would give 10 stars. They have huge parking connected to Hospital, so it is very accessible. We found that very useful when we arrived couple of days ago. All nurses are amazing! Renovated delivery room is better then some 5 star hotels that we stayed. Equipment is impressive. Bathroom in delivery room enormously huge which was very useful to my wife after delivery. Postpartum rooms are good. Food very nutritious, fresh and delicious. Manu is bigger then is some restaurants. There is a fridge with food and drinks available 24/7. Everything is automated and working perfectly. The most important thing is that safety of the baby is on the highest level. With implemented procedures and technology it seemed to me that it is not possible that babies get switched or that someone take a baby out of the hospital. Nurses were teaching us all the time. Complete hospital experience cost $881 after insurance (85% paid by insurance). I am sharing this because it was very hard to get a number before choosing a hospital for any hospital and I hope it will help someone. Our birth was without any complications. We are breastfeeding small one at the moment and talking how good choice we made choosing this hospital in spite we live in Katy. Thank you Houston Methodist Sugar Land! Hope to see you soon again :))) Special thanks to nurse Wilma T. She is the kindest person I met in my life!!!!!


I had a blast delivering here they were understanding,friendly, and gave me whatever I want great place to deliver your baby I kept everything clean and up to date!

Lady Omusuku

Today I completed my annual breast exam and I recommend every lady starting at 35 years old, to go and get her breast exam done no matter where she chooses to go and have it done. Early detection is truly the key to the best treatment options. Today at 7:10 in the morning I pulled up to the dedicated parking area for breast Care patients is directly in front of the entrance into Sweetwater pavilion breast Care center. I was greeted by Elva at the front desk at the beautiful breast Care center. I filled out my paperwork and was promptly taken to registration where I spent a few moments with Paula. Paula is a lady that not only smiles and is beautiful on the outside, but she is truly beautiful on the inside as well; and she has been with Methodist 41 years. Kudos to you Paula!!!! Paula escorted me to the room where you wait before the technician comes to get you for your exam. Paula explained in detail calmly and patiently what I needed to do and how to use the lockers to keep my things safe. to she then handed me a nice warm robe as I said in the waiting area relaxed with nice calm soothing music waiting to be called by the technician. In comes Heidi the mamo tech and she too is all smiles as she escorts me into the exam room. BUT just a little side bar....I don't know what Houston Methodist provides to its employees early in the morning for them to be so nice and kind..... But I will have some too, please! Lol. My exam went promptly and efficiently as Heidi was a professional and very gentle. Whoever is in the HR department and doing the interviews for this dept must really know how to pick them as they only hire the best and the most friendly. I highly recommend using Methodist sugar Land for your breast Care needs.