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257 reviews

About Houston Methodist West Hospital

Houston Methodist West Hospital is part of the Houston Methodist network, a leading health care system serving more than 550,000 patients a year. The Hospital offers a full range of care across Katy and West Houston.
Houston Methodist West Hospital is a full-service, acute care hospital that brings the Houston Methodist tradition of excellence and leading medicine to the West Houston, Katy and surrounding communities. The facility provides nearly 200 beds and some of the most innovative minds in South Texas, caring for virtually every health care need.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals Rating 3.3
(257 reviews)

Annie Sutton

Great service. Provide explanation about the procedure information that is easy to understand. All the staffs is friendly and helpful. Great place. Clean surroundings and included snacks in the waiting area

Robert Frazier

My wife and I went to the emergency room and waited 4 hours to even be taken back to a room. Then it took another hour for a doctor to come to the room. After that we were told that all women had a mandatory urine test before x rays. This would put our total at over 6 hours of time spent here on what seemed to be a slow night. This is the slowest experience I’ve had at any hospital and I will definitely use any other hospital possible in the future.

Jackie C

Best experience during a bad time. Nurse triage, charge nurse, nurse practitioner and doctor were all kind, welcoming and caring. By far best hospital I’ve ever visited. The facility was clean including the patient restrooms. I truly appreciate all the staff that helped me feel better this evening.

Charlotte Roussell

Doctors and staff displayed pure Knowledge and excellence of their services. No rush job! They displayed humility, love and deep concern of what your problem was and hope in solving the issue!!! ❤️

Chris Oseitutu

Had to go to L&D last night. The nurse at the ER was not very pleasant but once I was escorted upstairs it was like a land of rainbows and unicorns. The Charge nurse Aisha was so kind she got me all settled in, made me feel like she personally cared about my well being. I have never in my life been treated so well by a healthcare worker. She didn’t rush me and she explained everything that was going on. She never left me waiting without checking on me. Mary Ann was the second angel that took care of me. She too, treated me with such dignity and respect. Again, she explained everything thoroughly and made sure that I understood everything that was going on. I will definitely recommend Methodist West to any soon to be mother. I also want to point out that Cassandra the surgical tech was my transporter to the exit and she made sure to go slow over bumps and to make me feel like she cares about how I felt. A few words can go a long way when you’re not feeling well.