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111 reviews

About Metroplex Hospital

Metroplex Adventist Hospital is a member of Adventist Health System, an acute-care facility housing 148 licensed beds. Metroplex Health System is the primary healthcare provider for West Bell, Coryell, and Lampasas counties.
The hospital offers a wide range of services including family medicine, preventative and insurance physicals, allergy clinic, onsite blood lab, sonography, cardiac testing, joint care, wound care center, surgical services, home health, diagnostic imaging in addition to an emergency care unit.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals Rating 2.4
(111 reviews)

Ace The Dog

Best ER visit ever! Wait time was minimal, staff was very friendly, helpful and cared about your welbeing. Didn't even ask for money up front! Instead offered ways to help you pay. That's how health care should be! Would recommend them to everyone!

amanda layman

Do not go to this emergency room. I've been here twice for myself and twice for my daughter. Every time we wait a long time to be called back, sat and waited in a room for quite awhile, the staff are all friendly and somewhat knowledgeable... But we've never had a real diagnosis. Just oh it might be this. The most recent time, the doctor saw us for 5 minutes, said my daughter was fine ( he would put money on it) we got labs done by her regular doctor and there was something wrong with her liver. 2 weeks later we got the bill... They messed up our insurance and billed the wrong company. So I got a $500 bill from the hospital... And $961 from the ER doctor for those 5 minutes. I will never go back to advent health ER.

Lucas Elkins

This is the most inept, insufficient, hospital I’ve ever been to. You idiot people who call yourselves medical professionals should be ashamed. Your service was that of an inept bathroom attendant. Stop practicing medicine or get people who have some semblance of the intricate art of medical triage. If you can’t do this, just stop. You are unqualified and you are killing people. You’re supposed to save them. Get a job at Walmart but be careful, I’ve seen nothing that tells me you’re capable of killing people there too.

Eddie Vale

My 85-year-old mother had recent emergency room visits at both Scott and white and advent metroplex. I thought the staff was much better at advent metroplex then it was Scott and white. the people working there seem to be hustling to do their best and at the same time be pleasant with my mom.

Rachel Morgan

The doctors and nurses I've been in contact with have been great. If I could give a negative 5 stars to their administration/financial assistance staff I would. I applied for assistance and I was denied because the pencil pushing butt wipes claim it "wasn't medically necessary to remove a 3 CM cyst from my ovary...FUNNY that my DOCTOR deemed it necessary to remove the ovary and the falopion tube yet pencil pushes over rule that decision and deny my request.